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Re:Bugs, or place to put them? Mon, 23 March 2020 17:17
Hi Foodlion,

There are some rules that are not correctly implemented by the computer game, but in this case I think there is nothing wrong.

1) Infantry in close assault only gets 1 die reduction so normally 3, because of defense 2, because of Behind Enemy Line 3 again.
(Maybe there is some confusion about the bunker o the hill. The Hill gives minus 1 and the bunker minus 1, but in Memoir'44 those defenses do not stack up. Only the highest counts. See page 16 of the basegame rules. )

2) The rules for a bunker are: " A unit in a bunker may ignore the first flag rolled against it." (same page of the base game rules, last bullit-point of Bunkers.) So normally you get a question if you want to ignore the flag or not. But it might be that the artillery does that automatically, assuming that you want to stay alive.

3) I have not been given an extra die for armor shooting into the woods in the over 5000 games I have played in Memoir'44 online. Special forces or not. So only if you played an armor assault or a close assault and attacked in close assault this would have been possible. Might it have been one of those cards?

Hope this helps Smile

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