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Re:Bugs, or place to put them? Tue, 31 March 2020 23:10
Foodlion wrote on Mon, 23 March 2020 09:55

Veteran of the tabletop. Played via this medium for the first time and encountered three bugs in as many scenarios:

3) On Mont Mouchet (this one I'm still unclear on) my special forces german tanks attacked into forest with two dice. Forest should reduce dice by 2, and so far as I know special unit tanks do not get an extra die. It seems it should have been 1. Later, when doing a similar attack with tanks into the woods on a "Their Finest Hour" card, I also attacked (correctly) with two dice. This was weird and inconsistent.

I looked at your replay and found the turn in question here: 8381847#replay:turn=6

You conducted two attacks on that turn. The first was by your infantry vs infantry in woods for a 2d attack. Then your panzer fired from range with what was a correct 1d attack.

  Bugs, or place to put them? FoodlionMon, 23 March 2020 14:55
  Re:Bugs, or place to put them? JeronimonMon, 23 March 2020 17:17
  Re:Bugs, or place to put them?  tank commanderTue, 31 March 2020 23:10
  Re:Bugs, or place to put them? JeronimonWed, 01 April 2020 15:58
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