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May 2020
Ticket to ride London....Districts Thu, 28 May 2020 01:04
Hello everyone,

I've got a question about district nr. 5 of this game. Are there more possibilities to connect these 4 points containing number 5? Or is the only way to connect them by going from Hyde Park to Baker Street to Regent's Park to King's Cross? Or is it also ok to connect them via Piccadilly Circus and Brittish Museum, without connecting them directly by claiming the black track from Hyde Park to Baker street?

It's practically the same with district nr. 4. You can connect St Paul's to Tower of London via e.g. Globe Theatre without having claimed the direct track from St Paul to Tower of London. And also without having the track Brick Lane to Tower of London.

So to cut it short, is it ok to connect the numbers of a district via other numbers of an other district to get the extra points? In the rules it says you have to connect them, but is that the idea of a district?

I hope somebody knows. Please let me know.


  Ticket to ride London....Districts  RonaldmeerThu, 28 May 2020 01:04
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