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Royal Bonus and Android Tue, 16 June 2020 16:34
I just had a quick question regarding the Royal Bonus and Android. I like that if I have the item on Steam (or Android) it will have the expansion available on the other. Great feature. In the past, If I opened the game and tried to play where I didn't have an internet connection, I found that I could not play the expansions. That was always a frustration of mine. I was ok if I opened the game first and then lost connection, I could play the expansion.

Anyway... my question is about purchasing the app via the Google Play Store vs Steam. I have purchased every expansion on Google Play. This last one (for Royal Bonus) came from steam. I found that if I don't have an internet connection on my tablet, my option to play the expansion that I got from Steam (Royal Bonus) is not available. I have to be connected. Here is a screenshot:

I get checking that people have it, but is there a way to remember so that I don't have to keep an internet connection. I sometimes go out of town to places that don't have a connection (or it is great on a long flight) and like to play the AI. I don't mind buying it on Android if that will allow me to play while not connected to the internet. But, I don't want to buy it and find that it is always locked when I am not online either.

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