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November 2019
behemot bug Sun, 07 March 2021 16:41
sometime when i use a behemot to attack, the math is not good....
sometime it cost one less that it should.
in the video below, i attack giant race tile with behemot 2 time, both tiles cost 5token, during my second attack, i got it for 4token only....
seems random.

Bug happend at 60sec
i hope the staff can fix that

Edit:something worst happend in the same game when the bot took the skags, beside behemot exploit, the skags attack counter gave me like a 2nd phase with marauding power.....

15sec Footage

[Updated on: Sun, 07 March 2021 17:04]


  behemot bug  AnonymonkSun, 07 March 2021 16:41
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