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WW16 Round 4 : Bloody Gulch (by Vercingetorix1302) Tue, 20 July 2021 10:55
Round 4 : WW16 R4 "Holding the line at Bloody Gulch" (by Vercingetorix1302)

The Allies have taken control of Carentan, but the city is so strategically important that the Germans try to retake the city. In order to hold Carentan, the paratroopers from de 101st Airborne Division are sent out to form a defensive line around the city. The German troops from the 6th Fallschirmjäger had redrawn from Carentan to the southwest. On the 13th of June the 6th Fallschirmjäger (reinforced by 17th SS Panzergrenadier Division) started to attack Carentan from the southwest.

The 506th came under heavy fire and both Fox and Dog company started to fall back, leaving Easy company in a tight spot … Just in time six tanks from 2nd Armored Division and infantry of the 29th Division counterattack southwest from Carentan.

Round 4 :
The names of the 5 winners of the third round and the "best" defeated player (KeLian_05) have been dropped into a big box ... These matches were generated by drawing the names one at a time ...

KeLian_05 vs Cpl_Uhl
The lion de Belfort vs Titanos
Invictus-TEAMDUSUD vs Winn81

And these are the matches for the defeated players from round 3:

Artimon vs Junior72
EMI44 vs DoctorSchizzo

* The first named player is "Players A"

* Please remember that each matches consists of 4 battles on the same scenario :
1) Player A (Allies) - Player B (Axis)
2) Player A (Axis) - Player B (Allies)
3) Player A (Axis) - Player B (Allies)
4) Player A (Allies) - Player B (Axis)

* The winner will be the player who ...
1) Has won the most medals across the four battles.
2) In case of a tie, the player who destroyed the most figurines will be the winner.
3) In case both medals and figurines tie, the player who saved the most Allied infantry will be the winner.

* You have until the end of August for playing your matches of round 4. Please remember that all 4 games do NOT have to be played at the same day! But, since this scenario probably plays very fast, you could easily play all four games in a couple of hours.

* Please use this thread to post your results.

Good luck to all! And have a great time!

  WW16 Round 4 : Bloody Gulch (by Vercingetorix1302)  Vercingetorix1302Tue, 20 July 2021 10:55
  Re:WW16 Round 4 : Bloody Gulch (by Vercingetorix1302) tank commanderMon, 02 August 2021 02:06
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