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Re:When Europe comes Tue, 21 June 2005 09:51
tjandjahall :

The luck of the ticket draw is still a factor - when I played last night and drew three short tickets that had absolutely no overlap with my long ticket, I knew I was unlikely to win - but it is actually a smaller factor except possibly in two-player games.

An alternative in Europe is that you can keep short mission and still win.

First it gives you way more flexibility. You don't have to complete huge paths, your paths are also more flexible andyou're practically unpredictable (unlike the six big tickets).

Second you can draw new tickets later. It's much less costly than in the US version.

Though you can have bad or good tickets, you do not lose a Euro game with starting tickets alone.


What does change a lot is that blocking style that so many online players like. You can't simply block an opponent out of his destinations, because he'll simply play a station to go straight through your block.

And that's still pretty costly to the opponent. Blocks are not lethal anymore but they are a real pain. You're gonna lose points, cards and a turn. Plus you often want to put the station at the end of the game (maybe you'll go around the block, or maybe you don't want to show you need that path, or maybe you have something better to do at the time). But the final turns are usually decisive! So blocks are really a big inconvenience, though not lethal.

This is 2/3 players, where you can block double paths. Blocks at 4/5 players come less voluntarily, just because everybody needs the same resources.

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