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May 2005
Re:When Europe comes Wed, 22 June 2005 04:19
Hullo. TheKid,

In a message of Mon, 20 June 2005 13:34, you wrote:

Just a couple of questions I had floating around in my head:

1. Will you play it more than original?

I don't know whether I'll play it more than the original, but will certainly try it out to see if I want to play it often or not. Europe offers a few different challenges than the Original, to be honest, and that may have a lot to do with how the game plays for me.

You wrote:

2. Would you expect the same people to be at the top of the rankings?

Now that is a tough question... Hmm, I think that some of the ranked players who have played lots of the Original game may have problems in the Europe version, since the same strategies don't work there necessarily. Tunnels and ferries add to the complexity, and stations limit the effectiveness of blocks. I suspect the higher-ranked players may have a "learning curve" in this one, but after a while, I don't think they'll have too many difficulties.

However, bear in mind there may be some players who play the on-line version of Europe who might not have played the on-line version of the Original. That could make a difference in the rankings as well.


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