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May 2005
Re:When Europe comes Wed, 22 June 2005 04:29
Hullo, SKM,

In a message of Mon, 20 June 2005 14:00, you wrote:

No, I doubt I'll play it more than the original although I'll play it. From what I've heard, Europe is more fun when getting together with friends but, and this leads to my answer to question 2, there is more luck involved so I'd say the rankings will fluctuate more, with not as many dominant players.

Hmm, I don't know if Europe is more fun with getting together with friends, since I've found that to be the case with the Original as well. Thst said, I think there is a bit more luck to Europe as you say, but at the same time, the fact that everyone begins with a truly Long Route destinstion ticket (even though you can discard it) makes things more interesting. There are a lot more short routes in the game, so just because a player places trains down at Erzulum or Brest doesn't mean they have a long route. On the other hand, placing it at Cadiz likely does. Smile

As to whether there's more luck involved in Europe than the Original, I don't know. A lot of the games I've played in on-line so far have seen me have more than my share of bad luck. Smile


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