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Re:When Europe comes Wed, 22 June 2005 16:21
thekid wrote on Wed, 22 June 2005 13:20

Now that they have released Europe and kept the rankings combined anyone who wants to be #1 can be. I'll be playing a lot of Europe so you can have fun watching me plummet in the rankings, I need to learn the rules first. See it never was all about the rankings with me, if it were all I would play is the original. I think they should have kept the rankings seperate because it is in their own words a completely different game, at least that's what they say so you can shell out the $$$$$ to buy another of their games. It would have been interesting to see if the same people would have remained on top in Europe but alas no chance in that now.

Peter de Zeeuw écrit le Wed, 22 June 2005 13:35

I agree with TheKid!

I don't like the combined rankings either. Sad


pilke écrit le Wed, 22 June 2005 14:52

I don't like the compined rankings either at all Sad Separated rankings would have added value, now it is doing the opposite. After a while when people learn to play well the totally different europe game, the ranking list top 20 won't show who is good in original game Sad

I would love to have separated rankings. If that is not possible, it would be nice to see in the game history, which game was played, the original or Europe one. Is this possible Brice?

I hope you thekid learn to play europe game fast. Fortunately you can lose 30 points before dropping any places in ranking. I think I won't play much the europe version. I might start to play if it turns out to be not so luck based as I think now. Anyway I will use account tiuku to play europe games.

I don't understand all of you

thekid says he doesn't care of ranking but doesn't like the combined rankings

peter is not so high ranked, no real danger(and you can train with bots Very Happy )

pilke has 3 accounts : keep one for each kind of games ( or isn't it enough for you ? Mad )

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