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June 2005
  Tale of a T2R clash Thu, 07 July 2005 12:16
I really need help!
Being nervous before playing pilke for the first time is ok (in a way).
Being very nervous while playing pilke for the first time is also ok (in a way).
But afterwards, I couldn't get this game out of my head, no way to find sleep until 2 AM. Sad

So, I really need help to clear my mind, and you poorest T2R players will be my psychiatrists to which I will talk to. You just need to listen. Very Happy

I didn't make any notes during the game, but I think I can recall almost every card played, although I don't have a great memory normally.

-) pilke got LA-Chicago, Helena-LA and Chicago-Santa Fe, which I think is a very good combination.
She took a very long time to decide about the tickets, taking all three at last.
She probably thought about not taking Chicago-Santa Fe, but I think these 3 tickets combine well enough.

-) I got Duluth-El Paso, Duluth-Houston and Denver-El Paso.
These tickets combine greatly and I took all 3 very quickly, although I think there is no need to take Denver-El Paso - but it won't matter much.

-) I believe we both had a good start, pilkes tickets were more valuable (33 points vs. 22 points), but mine allowed for even more flexibility - so this promised to be an interesting game to come.

-) We both took about 20 cards from the deck and I was very unpleased to get only 1 Loko and 1 green card. (for El Paso-Houston)

-) pilke started to take a few open cards - I think 1 black, 1 blue, 1 orange and 1 yellow. (or something like that)

-) I desperately continued to take from the stack, getting 3 more Lokos and 2 more green cards. (*deep breath*)

-) When I had 38 cards, I seemed to have a useful collection and so I started the race.
I had (and I am afraid I will never forget it Confused ):
6 black, 6 pink, 5 orange, 5 white, 4 red, 3 green, 3 blue, 2 yellow, 4 Lokos.

-) I imagined a route like Housten - El Paso - LA - ??? - Denver - Helena - Duluth - ???.

-) My main problem was the lack of green cards and Lokos. And even more pink would be nice for Duluth - Toronto.
So far for the theory...

-) I started with 6 blacks, mainly because I didn't want to use 3 Lokos for El Paso - Houston and sacrifice my flexibility too soon. Luckily, this was disturbing pilke seriously.

-) pilke responded with San F.-LA (3 pink), which seem to be a blocking maneuver mainly.

-) Now I layed the obvious LA-Phoenix, using my 3 blue cards.
(maybe I should have taken 3 reds, orange or yellow, I think it was a difficult decision, and I still don't know the correct answer)

-) pilke responded with Helena - Duluth, which I didn't like to see, but that's how the game is.

-) Now, I should have thought about blocking LA from Helena, but I was just happy to lay 5 whites (Phoenix - Denver) very fast.

-) pilke now thought for a very long time (me too), and layed Seattle - Portland (I forgot the color of the card - could have been a vital information).

-) Now I had loved to take Seattle - Helena, but after a minute or so I decided not to sacrifice all my 4 Lokos for this.
Alas, between Portland and San F. I couldn't really block pilke, as I had no blue cards left.
(if I lay 5 pink, she can lay 5 white and I can not hinder her from laying 6 blue)

-) At this point of the game I was very sure to lose. Crying or Very Sad
But I was willing to go down fighting. Mad

...to be continued...

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