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The board is 9 hexes deep... Wed, 27 September 2006 11:54
Am I the only one who feels that the majority of scenarios don't make use of the larger part of the board?
Feels like most of the scenarios I have played lately have had the opposing forces in close proximity to each other.
The tendency is for those games to develop in the way that people engage in combat from turn 1 and don't look back till one side has reached the required medal count.
The battle range in Memoir44 is considerable so I would have thought it was quite important to make sure most of the map was in between the players, not behind them.
I can pick numerous examples from the official scenarios if anyone is interested in discussing this.
A lot of scenarios start with artillery within "2 dice" range of units that have their back against the wall for example.
It just feels like you're dropped right in the middle of the battle instead of giving you any chance to manouever your forces at all.
In many instances you play through the game and realize that you haven't used half the map at all! The map is pretty small to begin with in my opinion so I would think it's an absolute requirement for scenarios to make clever use of the whole board.

I don't own C&C Ancients but I looked through most of the scenarios that come with that game and it seemed like they started with at least 3 hexes between the forces in most cases. Range is less in that game so that means that usually there is some space left on the board between the armies before they engage. That's a vital aspect of the game in my opinion.

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