Getting started with User Pages

What are User Pages?

User Pages document your own personal Days of Wonder gaming experience. They allow you to organize and share articles, rules variants, tips and tricks, photos and images, and display information on your Days of Wonder online activity!

How do I create my first User Page?

Building your first User Page is easy! Simply log in with your Days of Wonder Online account. If you are not already in the User Pages section, click on the User Pages button at the top of every Days of Wonder web page. Once there, click on the large "Go to My User Pages" button. If you have never created a User Page before, one is automatically created and displayed for you.

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If you already have an account, log in using the login box in the upper right corner of this page.

How does it work? How do I add content?

User Page blocks

Your User Page is organized in information "blocks".

Some blocks are filled in automatically using data from your activity on the Days of Wonder Web sites. For example, Memoir' 44 scenarios you have created, your online games ranking, etc. These blocks cannot be changed.

Other blocks allow you to insert and create your own content. For example, "My Projects" or "My Image Gallery". Use these features to write articles, upload files or images, etc.

Why does my User Page have a Memoir '44 look-and-feel?

Currently, only one "style" is available for your User Pages. In the near future, more styles will be released allowing you to "skin" your User Pages with BattleLore or Ticket to Ride graphics and information. If you play all of these games, you will even be able to have several pages in these different styles!

Have fun creating content!

One Last Word...

Please note that by posting content on the Days of Wonder User Pages, you agree to comply with our Terms of Use. Please be sure that your pages follow the guidelines listed in the "Forums and Public Communication" section.

Learning more about User Pages

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