The M44 Center

The Memoir '44 Center is a portal into Memoir '44 activity from other users. It displays preferred scenarios, best contributors, etc. It provides you with an automated way to monitor the activity of other users, and track the latest and greatest information.

It can be accessed from the "Main Directories" section of the main page, or from the navigation panel.


This section shows the best performing players in each of the main Memoir '44 countries. Note that this information is based on the current AARs (After Action Reports), so do not take it too heartly for now. In time, more reliable stats will be extracted from the online activity of the PC Game, which will provide a very sophisticated Officer Ranking system.


This block is a simplified view of the Scenarios from the Front list. It shows the scenarios that have been the best rated by other players.


These two tables show the players who designed the most scenarios, and the ones who got the best ratings on average.


This area is maintained by the Days of Wonder staff to highlight some pages we like. Did you design some very cool pages? Let us know!

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