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The My Projects block is where you write your own articles. It was designed to be very easy to use, and requires no HTML or coding knowledge. It allows you to write short text with images. It also allows you to post PDF, Word, and Excel files for other users to download.

To add a new project, click on the Add Project  button. This creates a new block.

Let's choose a title for our article. To do so, double-click on the "DEFAULT TITLE" title bar. The title will become editable. Enter your own title, then click outside to validate.

Now we can write some content. Click on the pencil icon Pencil icon  in the title bar. A text formating toolbar appears, and you can now type your own text.

The first four buttons are classic ones: they allow you to change the attributes of the selected text: bold, italic, color and size.

The Link Link button  button allows you to insert a link to another web page. Make sure you select some text first, then click on the button. Enter the web address. The text you selected will become a link.

The Upload Upload button  button is a bit more complicated. It allows you to upload files.

  • To upload an image , click where you would like to insert your image in your text. Then click on the Upload button and select "Image". A "Browse" button appears under the pop-up menu, as shown. Use it to select your image on your hard drive. Then click the "Upload Image" button. After some time, your image will appear in your text.
    You can now resize your image by clicking on its corners. You can also move it around in your text using drag-and-drop or cut-copy.
  • To upload a PDF, Word or Excel file , the procedure is the same as with an image. The only difference is that the result will show as an icon in your text. Clicking on the icon will download the file.
  • Size limits : there are some limits to the amount of files that you can upload. Your files should always be smaller than 1 MB, and you have a total storage space of 50 MB.

When you are done with your text, make sure save your work by using the Save Save button  button.

If you prefer to cancel your changes and revert to the original version of your article, use the Cancel Save button  button.

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