Ticket to Ride Europe 15<sup>th</sup> Anniversary Ticket to Ride Europe 15<sup>th</sup> Anniversary

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04/05/2007: Memoir '44 - is available in US again!
Memoir '44 is once again back in stock in North America from Days of Wonder retailers and in the Days of Wonder Online store.
03/28/2007: Mystery of the Abbey & Shadows over Camelot - Now Available Again!
After being out of stock for several months, Mystery of the Abbey and Shadows over Camelot are now available again from Days of Wonder retailers and in the Days of Wonder online store.

03/08/2007: Epic BattleLore is available for registered players!
The Epic BattleLore expansion offers experienced players the opportunity to conduct battles on a grand scale by combining multiple board maps into a single, over-sized battlefield.  Read More...
02/28/2007: Colosseum rules available for download !
You will find the rules as PDF file to download on the game web site, in the "rules" page. Read More...
01/29/2007: Days of Wonder announces newest board game - Colosseum!

The Emperor Titus has called for the greatest celebration in Rome's history to commemorate the opening of the Colosseum - 100 days of the grandest spectacles the empire has ever seen. Citizens have flocked to the city by the thousands - enthralled by the sight of hundreds of gladiators in battle... rare and exotic animals prowling the arena floor... and to hear and see the greatest musicians and entertainers ever assembled.

As Rome's most famous impresario, you have been chosen to produce the closing finale. Titus himself has taken his seat in the Emperor's Loge. At the drop of his hand, the final spectacle will begin. Your moment in the sun has come...

Introducing Colosseum - our newest board game designed by acclaimed German game designer Wolfgang Kramer and Markus Lübke.

Set in imperial Rome, each player In Colosseum is a Roman impresario - producing great spectacles in their respective arenas in the hopes of attracting the most spectators to their events. Players earn wealth and glory for each event run, using it to build ever more ambitious events. During the game they will need to invest in improving their arena, find the best performers, lure the Emperor and his nobles to their events, and manage their assets for long-term success to be granted the title of Grand Impresario.

Colosseum is expected to be available in Europe in March and in North America in April.

01/23/2007: Replacement BattleLore Dice Now Available
If you have BattleLore dice that are wearing off prematurely, free replacement dice are now available. To qualify to receive dice you must first register your BattleLore Online Access Number.

Click here to order your BattleLore Replacement Dice.

Note: Dice shipments are being processed, on average, once per week and are being mailed via postal service. You will receive a confirmation e-mail at the time they are mailed.  Read More...

12/07/2006: Nations Cup 2006 is over!

This "Ticket to Ride" online tournament in which 15 teams from all over the world took place ended last Week-end.

The German "Team GTS" (Team members: GTS Maia - GTS Nanni - GTS Tofra - GTS Mudda - GTS Goscha - GTS Train - GTS Optimus - GTS An Team) won the final.

More infos on our "Ticket to Ride" forums and on the Nations cup fansite(Thanks Shamogi !)

Days of Wonder thanks all the player for their participation and congratulates the winners!

11/16/2006: Ticket to Ride Europe awarded Game of the Year in Norway
We are proud to announce that Ticket to Ride: Europe won the Norwegian national award “Årets Spill” 2006 in the Family games category.
More info on brettspillguiden.no
11/15/2006: BattleLore English version sold-out in Europe!
All available copies of BattleLore in English have been pre-ordered in Europe. Our European web store will not take additional pre-orders. Please run to you FLGS to pre-order your copy.
11/09/2006: Ticket to Ride Computer Game Upgrade - USA 1910 Expansion play now available!
The Ticket to Ride Computer game now includes all the new game play from the USA 1910 expansion! The USA 1910, the MegaGame, and Big Cities games are all available in version 1.0.6 of the Computer Game.

This upgrade is free to existing Ticket to Ride Computer Game owners. Click here for your free upgrade.

If you don't yet own the Ticket to Ride Computer Game, existing Ticket to Ride boardgame owners can purchase the game for Mac or PC for just $20 - a $10 discount over regular price. Click here to order!
11/03/2006: Essen 06 - Photos Gallery
We'd like to share with the one who did not have the chance to visit the Essen fair, what our 4 days have been like. Enjoy! Read More...
10/18/2006: Ticket to Ride - USA 1910 Expansion available for pre-order!
This new expansion is now available for pre-order. Learn more here... Read More...
10/18/2006: BattleLore - now available for pre-order!
You can now pre-order your copy of BattleLore. Pre-orders through your local retail store or direct from the Days of Wonder Webstore will receive an exclusive Hill Giant Creature promotional miniature!  Read More...
10/17/2006: Off to Essen!
Just a quick note to let you all know that we are now off to Essen, where the largest boardgame convention in the world is held every year.

Come and visit us on our booth, # 68 in Hall 12.

Please note that all European shipments from Wednesday October 18th 2006 to Monday October 23rd 2006 will be postponed to Tuesday October 24th.
Thank you for your understanding.
09/08/2006: BattleLore Epic Fantasy Adventures - coming soon!
Come and have a look at what awaits you on the BattleLore Chronicles
08/23/2006: 2006 Ticket to Ride US National Championship Winner!
The 2006 Ticket to Ride National Championships were held in conjunction with the Train Game Association this month at GenCon in Indianapolis. There were over 110 participants playing multiple games of Ticket to Ride (US map), Ticket to Ride Europe and Ticket to Ride Marklin Edition over a three day period. In the end Mike Anderson triumphed and was awarded the National Championship trophy.

Congratulations to Mike and the other participants and a special thanks to the Train Game Association for running the event.
08/20/2006: Ticket to Ride 2006 Online Nation Cup starts in September
Interested to take part in one of the major Ticket to Ride online event?
Eager to compete against players from all over the world?

This tournament organized by active members of the T2R community proved to be real fun last year... And guess what? They plan to do it again this september!

Learn more by reading the rules
Discuss the event and join your Nation Team in the Competitive Play Forum (No team in your country yet? Why not try and create one?)
Team Captains can register their team in the Organizational Thread
07/01/2006: Shadows over Camelot awarded "Gamer's Choice" Origins Award!
At this year's Origin's Awards, Shadows over Camelot was named the winner of the Gamer’s Choice - Best Board Game of the Year. This award is voted on by the gaming public at large. Congratulations to Shadows over Camelot authors - Bruno Cathala and Serge Laget! Read More...
06/05/2006: Board Games with Scott - Cleopatra Review
Scott Nicholson of Board Games with Scott has just posted a new video review of Cleopatra and the Society of Architects. Click here to view it on his website.  Read More...
06/05/2006: Shadows over Camelot awarded Special Prize - Fantastic Game by SDJ jury in Germany
In announcing the nominees for this year's Spiel des Jahres prize in Germany, the Spiel des Jahres jury members awarded Shadows over Camelot with a "Special Prize - Fantastic Game". Congratulations to the game's authors, Bruno Cathala and Serge Laget for this outstanding achievement. You can visit the German language Spiel des Jahres by clicking here. Read More...
06/02/2006: Pacific Theater Expansion - now available for pre-order!
The Memoir '44 Pacific Theater Expansion is now available for pre-order from the Days of Wonder webstore. The Pacific Theater Expansion is expected to ship around June 8th. Click here to go to the Memoir '44 store page and scroll down to order the Pacific Theater.  Read More...
06/02/2006: Photo of nuns playing Ticket to Ride!
MSNBC.com's "The Week in Pictures" features a photograph of nuns in Minnesota playing Ticket to Ride.  Read More...
06/01/2006: Cleopatra & the Society of Architects - now available for pre-order!
Days of Wonder's latest game, Cleopatra and the Society of Architects is now available for pre-order from the webstore.
Cleopatra will ship from our warehouse and go on sale at retail stores across North America on June 16th. Read More...
05/19/2006: Days of Wonder Forums available from Community page of new website
You can access all the Days of Wonder Forums from the Community page of the new website design. Click here to go to the Forums
05/17/2006: Cleopatra & the Society of Architects - Coming soon!
Learn more about the newest game from Days of Wonder. Cleopatra and the Society of Architects will be available in June!

Corruption Kills!
04/10/2006: Ticket to Ride - Marklin Edition - Available and shipping now!
The new Marklin Edition of Ticket to Ride featuring Passengers, Merchandise and the new German boardmap is now shipping from the Days of Wonder online store, and is also available at your local game store. Order your copy by visiting the Days of Wonder Online store.  Read More...
04/09/2006: Video reviews of Ticket to Ride games on Board Games with Scott
Scott Nicholson hosts Board Games with Scott - an online video review show. Recently Scott reviewed Ticket to Ride Europe, the Swiss map from the Ticket to Ride Computer Game and the new Marklin Edition. There's even a surprise appearance from one of our favorite game authors! Click here to view the video.
04/07/2006: Memoir '44 Pacific Theater rules now live!
03/09/2006: A radio interview with Ticket to Ride author, Alan R. Moon
Ticket to Ride designer, Alan R. Moon was interviewed by Bill Wilson on WDUN (Atlanta GA) radio on Sunday March 5, 2006.
You can download the interview (MP3 files) on ticket to ride website
You can find more articles from Bill Wilson on accessnorthga.com
01/30/2006: Days of Wonder Europe is moving
On february 1st, we are leaving rue de la chaussée d'Antin... We stay in the same area though... You can find our new contact information on the contact page of this website.
01/07/2006: Ticket to Ride - The Computer Game - Now Available in North America!
Ticket to Ride - The Computer Game is now available exclusively at the Days of Wonder Online Store for $29.95. Registered owners of Ticket to Ride or Ticket to Ride Europe board games can purchase the CD-ROM version for the discounted price of $19.95. This Computer version integrates directly with Ticket to Ride Online and includes a brand new Swiss Map for 2 or 3 players designed by Alan R. Moon. It also features larger, more detailed map graphics, new animations, sound effects, and comes with one year's worth of free access to Ticket to Ride. Go to the Online Store to purchase your copy! Read More...
12/20/2005: Ticket to Ride, Game of the Year in Spain - Mystery of the Abbey, finalist!
We are proud to announce that Ticket to Ride has just won the 1st Game of the Year Award in Spain! More over, Mystery of the Abbey is one of the finalists
More info (in Spanish) on this this award on http://www.diasdejuego.net or on http://www.juegosdemesa.blogspot.com
12/15/2005: Preview - Ticket to Ride Märklin Edition
Here are the first elements of Days of Wonder's next game... More info soon... Read More...
12/09/2005: Shadows over Camelot and Ticket to Ride Europe nominated for InQuest Gamer Awards
Both Shadows over Camelot and Ticket to Ride Europe have been nominated for Best Tabletop Game Award by Inquest Gamer Magazine.

Winners are determined by fan voting, so to vote for your favorite, click on the Read More link.

12/01/2005: The Company of Knights currently out of stock
The Company of Knights, painted figures for Shadows over Camelot are currently out of stock in the Days of Wonder US webstore. Some North American game retailers still have them available so please contact your favorite local game store to see if they have A Company of Knights in stock. Read More...
11/23/2005: Winners of Scenarios from the Front Contest for Memoir '44 announced!
After careful review by Richard Borg himself, the first winners of our Scenarios from the Front contest have been announced.

Congratulations to:

* KippRyon for [North Africa] Kasserine Pass

* Captain_Ruiz for [Italy] The Gothic Line

* Brummbar for [Normandy] Battle of the Bridgehead

Their scenarios have been added to the list of Official Scenarios on the web site. Additional scenarios from the Front will be reviewed and selected by Richard on a quarterly basis.

The High Command, at DoW
10/20/2005: M44 Expansions - Summary Sheet posted!
A Summary Sheet for the recent M44 expansions has been added to the bottom of the Rules and Goodies page on www.memoir44.com. Special thanks to Brummbar and his excellent fan site, www.brummbar44.com Read More...
10/13/2005: Days of Wonder announces Ticket to Ride: The Computer Game
Today, at the Essen toy fair in Germany, Days of Wonder announced its latest sequel in the Ticket to Ride family, Ticket to Ride: The Computer Game. The game, which includes a brand new map of Switzerland designed by Alan R. Moon specifically for the computer, will ship later this quarter and be available on the Days of Wonder web store, as well as through traditional software retailers. Read More...
10/11/2005: Additional M44 expansions scenarios released!
Three new official scenarios designed by Richard Borg for use with the recently shipped expansions have been posted online, in the Official Scenarios section of the Memoir '44 site. Two are for use with the Terrain Pack: - [Operation Compass] Beda Fomm - February 5-7, 1941 -[Market Garden] Valkenseaard - September 17, 1944 and one for the Eastern Front: - [Barbarossa] Battle for Rostov - November 25-26, 1941  Read More...
10/11/2005: Ticket to Ride Europe wins the Premio Giocabolario 2005 in Italy
Ticket to Ride Europe just won the prize of best game of the year, as elected by the readers of the Giocabolario. For additional details (in Italian!) Read More...
10/04/2005: Ticket to Ride Europe wins the 2005 International Gamers' Award!
10/03/2005: New version of M44 Scenario Editor now available!
08/25/2005: Memoir '44 expansions rules posted onlne!
The rules for all three upcoming Memoir '44 expansions have been posted. The games have also been added to the web store for pre-orders, and will ship by around mid-October. Read More...
08/25/2005: Jordon Trombetta wins Ticket to Ride US National Championship at Gencon
Congratulations to Jordon Trombetta who successfully navigated through three rounds of play to win the Ticket to Ride National Championship held at Gencon in Indianapolis on August 20th and 21st.

Jordan triumphed over fellow finalists Peter Rabinowitz, Sam Atabaki and Chris Prysock - all of whom had previously won regional qualifying tournaments held at Ubercon, Kublacon and Origins.

The final match turned into a brutal game of blocking as Jordan, Sam and Chris all fought to develop long routes in the northern section of the board. Chris took the brunt of the blocking maneuvers as he was unable to complete several long routes. Jordon was finally able to construct a circuitous route to Portland, completing his Destination Tickets and ending the game.

Final Scores:

Jordon Trombetta - 129

Peter Rabinowitz - 82

Sam Atabaki - 77

Chris Prysock - 28

Also congratulations to all the players who qualified for the tournament semi-final round:

Chris Prysock, Peter Rabinowitz, Sam Atabaki, Stephen Egolf, Jordon Trombetta, Randy Pletzer, Devin McCullen, David Beery, Jerry Butt, Chris Akers, Sarah Davis, Phil Foster

08/19/2005: Ticket to Ride wins Diana Jones award at GenCon '05!
07/22/2005: M44 expansions on the horizon!
The three expansions for Memoir '44 are now on the horizon. Information has been posted on the site. Additional details (PDFs of the rules, ETA, ...) will follow in mid-August.  Read More...
07/07/2005: Ticket to Ride wins Origins Award for Best Board Game
On opening day of the Origins Convention in Columbus, the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design announced that Ticket to Ride was the winner of the 2005 Origins award for Best Board Game!
Click here to read more about the award and see the other award winners. Read More...
07/07/2005: Chris Prysock wins Ticket to Ride Midwest Regional Tournament
Congratulations to Chris Prysock from St. Louis who defeated 3 other finalists in the Ticket to Ride Midwest Regional Championship held this past weekend at the Origins Convention in Columbus.
Chris defeated David Meredith, Michael Bregoli and Melissa Chan in the final round, earning an excellent score of 136 points.
Chris received an autographed Ticket to Ride poster, a 4-day pass to next year's Origins Convention and a free copy of a Days of Wonder game. In addition he's qualified into the semi-final round of the Ticket to Ride National Championship in Indianapolis at GenCon next month.
07/06/2005: Memoir '44 Tournament scenarios for World Boardgame Championship released!
The first 6 scenarios for the Memoir '44 Tournament at the 2005 World Boardgame Championship have been released! Read More...
06/22/2005: Ticket to Ride Europe Online is available!
Hello everybody! We are proud to announce the availability of Ticket to Ride Europe online v1.2.0. Caution: if you encounter crashs or problems while using the Europe version, it is recommended that you:
  • flush your browser's cache (Temporary Internet Files)
  • flush your Java Virtual Machine cache (in the settings panel of your computer)
  • restart your computer
The modifications of this version:
  • European map and rules
  • New enhanced lobby with integrated buddy list
We decided to merge the Europe and USA version in the same online application to gain developpement time and benefit from the online community of the US version. This implies:
  • shared lobbies, you just choose the map you want yo play while creating your game
  • the ranking are the same.
For those who don't know the Europe version, they can watch the following animation which explains everything: Europe version tutorial
Happy games!
06/02/2005: NorCal Ticket to Ride Champion - Sam Atabaki!
Congratulations to Sam Atabaki of San Ramon California who won the Northern California Regional Ticket to Ride Tournament held at Kublacon on May 27th and 28th. In a close match Sam defeated 3 other finalists winning with a scant 8 points. Scores of the Championship round were: Sam Atabaki - 127 points Richard Cameron - 119 Nat Holzgrafe - 104 Ana Vorakoumane - 80 In addition to winning a first prize pin, Sam also won a copy of Shadows over Camelot, and has pre-qualified for the advanced rounds of the National Ticket to Ride Championship at GenCon later this summer.
05/14/2005: www.ShadowsoverCamelot.com goes live!
Come discover the final site. The full rules of the game are now downloadable! Read More...
05/04/2005: Shadows over Camelot: The Traitor
Discover this week's episode, revealing a bit more about the Traitor...  Read More...
04/28/2005: Shadows over Camelot : What is your Quest ?
A new slide-show is available... Come and learn about Camelot and the Quests Read More...
04/18/2005: Ticket to Ride named Best of America by Reader's Digest
Reader's Digest magazine has named Ticket to Ride as Best Game in their May, Best of America issue.
04/15/2005: "Shadows over Camelot" temporary website goes live
Come and see the first pieces of information about Days of Wonder next game ! Read More...
04/06/2005: First shipment of Ticket to Ride Europe Sold Out!
The first shipment of Ticket to Ride Europe to North America is now sold out. All those who have already pre-ordered the game from the Days of Wonder Online Store will be shipped their copies beginning Friday, April 8th. We expect Ticket to Ride Europe to be back in stock in late May.
Retail game outlets will also begin selling the game on Friday the 8th, but because of the limited supply we suggest you go early or try to reserve a copy in advance if possible.
03/28/2005: Important: Upcoming changes in the online games subscription system
03/26/2005: New registration for Online games coming soon !
Dear Players:
We are about to substantially simplify and expand our webcard registration system.
Work is still in progress, but: - Webcards and access codes will give access to all games. - Access periods will cumulate, thanks to a new Time Credit system.
The new system will be activated on May 5th, 2005.
Warning! It is highly recommended to enter all your webcards and access codes in your account before that date! Each game code will give you 12 months of Time Credit, instead of 6 months if you register after this cut-off date.
See you soon on our on-line games! The Days of Wonder Team
02/15/2005: Mystery Train expansion now available as download
Those of you who missed getting a copy of the Mystery Train expansion for Ticket to Ride can download and print it from the web site. Read More...
01/28/2005: Canadian distributor announces Ticket to Ride "Mystery Train" edition.
Filosofia, Inc., the exclusive distributor for Days of Wonder games in Canada announced today that they would begin selling a special edition of Ticket to Ride that includes the coveted and now out-of-print, "Mystery Train" expansion pack.
Canadian game buyers can look for specially labeled copies of Ticket to Ride in their favorite game stores.
12/24/2004: Happy holidays and a special gift for M44 players!
To commemorate this winter's 60th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge and thank you for making Memoir '44 an extraordinary success this season, we are pleased to offer you a series of new scenarios created by Richard Borg.
Head out to www.wargamer.com for a scenario on the Western part of the Bastogne corridor. Then head out to the Official Scenarios and Overlord sections of our site to pick-up the Eastern complement and a brand new Overlord scenarion on the Battle of the Bulge.
Happy holidays to all,
The Days of Wonder Team
12/15/2004: Mystery Train Ticket to Ride Expansion - Sold Out in North America
All 15,000 copies of the Mystery Train in North America have now been handed out! Your local reseller may still have a few copies on hand. Otherwise, your best bet remains getting your hands on the November issue of Game Trade magazine.
There are still a handful of Mystery Train Expansion packs available in Europe. Click on the link here to learn how to order.  Read More...
11/30/2004: M44platoon.com, the official M44 fan site, goes live!
11/30/2004: M44 Tournament kit now available!
11/30/2004: Community section greatly expanded!
Our community section (in the menu bar on top of each site) has been greatly expanded. It now features: - a game group section and gamers list, where you can register your game group or find gaming partners and places to join and play games at; - an Event section that lets you list upcoming events or conventions where our games will be featured; - a Volunteers section where you can register to help us out in a variety of venues (in-store tournaments, etc...) Read More...
11/22/2004: Boardgameratings.com picks Ticket to Ride and Memoir '44 as Annual Game Award Winners
Ticket to Ride was named Best Family Game and Memoir ’44, was this year’s Best 2-Player Game according to game review website, boardgameratings.com Read More...
11/17/2004: Ticket to Ride Online is final!
09/28/2004: Mystery of the Abbey - replacement Suspect Sheets available
You can now purchase replacement Suspect Sheets again from the Days of Wonder Online Store. You'll get two pads of new Suspect Sheets for only $5.00 plus s/h.
09/22/2004: Memoir '44 named Recipient of the 2004 International Gamers Award!
06/28/2004: Coveted German Spiel des Jahres (Game of the Year) 2004 awarded to Ticket to Ride
04/03/2004: The Games Journal reviews Ticket to Ride
Greg Aleknevicus, Editor of The BoardGame Journal writes about Ticket to Ride...
"I find it very difficult to find anything wrong with the game. Everything seems so well thought out and functional... for now I feel safe in saying that Ticket to Ride is an absolutely superb game and is highly recommended.".
Read the entire review at: The Board Game Journal  Read More...
03/22/2004: Ticket to Ride is available in US!
All Aboard! The train has arrived and Ticket to Ride, our new Alan R. Moon train game is now available in our online store and will be at retailers next week! Read More...
03/20/2004: Mystery of the Abbey - Back in Stock
Mystery of the Abbey is now back in stock and available from both resellers and at our online store!
03/17/2004: Days of Wonder announces Memoir '44, the official game of the 60th anniversary of the D-Day landings...
03/09/2004: Ticket to Ride is available in Europe!
Our European distributors are receiving their first shipments of Ticket to Ride. The game is available in Europe in English, French, German and Dutch languages.
02/09/2004: Vote for Mystery of the Abbey - TableTop Game of the Year at Inquest Gamer Magazine
Inquest Gamer Magazine has nominated Mystery of the Abbey for TableTop Game of the Year in their annual Fan Awards. Everyone can vote, so click "Read More..." and vote the "Monk" ticket! Read More...
02/09/2004: Vote for Queen's Necklace - Best Card Game at Inquest Gamer Magazine
Inquest Gamer Magazine has nominated Queen's Necklace as the Best CardGame of the Year in their annual Fan Awards. Visit them and vote for Queen's Necklace to take the crown! Read More...
01/15/2004: Days of Wonder announces Ticket to Ride by Alan Moon. Visit the preview Web site!
12/30/2003: Terra is available in the U.S.!
12/15/2003: GenCon SoCal Pirate's Cove Tournament Winners!
Congratulations to Japji Khalsa - who braved high seas and an armada of contending pirates to win the GenCon Southern Cal. Pirate's Cove tournament this past week at the Anaheim Convention Center. Over 30 players participated in the tournament. In the hotly contented finals battle, Japji defeated Kathryn Mulligan, Benn St. Louis and Julianne Walsh. The lead changed hands 3 times in the last 3 game turns with Japji prevailing on the last dice roll. Final Scores: Japji - 30 Kathryn - 29 Benn - 26 Julianne - 25
11/30/2003: Days of Wonder strickes twice at the Tric Trac 2003 Awards with Pirate's Cove and Gang of Four!
Today Days of Wonder won the Silver Tric Trac 2003 Award for Pirate's Cove, and the Bronze Award for Gang of Four! Every year, Tric Trac chooses the 3 best games of the year after a non-stop testing week-end that combines players testing and Internet votes. Tric Trac is one of the most active boardgames web site in France. Read More...
11/11/2003: The final Terra web site is available on www.terracrisis.com
10/08/2003: New Fist of Dragonstones contest winner: the Rat King
10/08/2003: Days of Wonder, 2004 Barcelona Forum and UNESCO announce Terra
09/23/2003: New Pirate's Cove Web Site!
08/02/2003: Preview our upcoming game Pirate's Cove!
07/02/2003: Extra Mystery of the Abbey Suspect Sheets available Online
You can now purchase extra Mystery of the Abbey Suspect sheets from our online store. Get 2 extra pads - 100 sheets total - for just $5.00, plus shipping and handling.
Go to the Days of Wonder Online store to order your replacement suspect sheets.
06/12/2003: New Character combos section on queens-necklace.com
A new weblog containing suggestions on ways to play specific characters and character combos has opened up on http://www.queens-necklace.com.
Feel free to use it to comment and post your own best strategies & tactics
The Royal crafters at Days of Wonder
06/12/2003: New Strategies & Tactics section on gangoffour.com
A new weblog containing beginners, intermediate and expert players tips and strategies has opened up on http://www.gangoffour.com.
Feel free to use it to comment and post your own best strategies & tactics
The Mandarins at Days of Wonder
06/11/2003: New Characters section on queens-necklace.com
A new weblog containing new characters, objects and gems suggestions to put to good use the blank cards that came with your game has been opened on http://www.queens-necklace.com.
Feel free to use it to comment on fellow players suggestions, as well as to post the best characters of your own design
The Royal conspirators at Days of Wonder
06/10/2003: New Strategies & Tactics section on mysteryoftheabbey.com
A new weblog containing sugggestions on questions to ask throughout your Abbey's investigations, common notations to use to keep track of indices, etc... has been opened on http://www.mysteryoftheabbey.com.
Feel free to use it to comment on existing tactics/strategies as well as to post tips and hints for your fellow investigative brethren!.
The congregated monks at Days of Wonder
06/03/2003: Queen's Necklace Online 1.0 is available! Try our new game...
05/30/2003: Review - Mystery of the Abbey on rpg.net
05/30/2003: Mystery of the Abbey: Game of the Year on Brett & Board
May 29, 2003, Mystery of the Abbey was named Game of the Year on Brett & Board!
"I have been completely taken by this game!" wrote Mik Svellov in his review, rating the game a 10 and his Favorite Family Game of the moment. Mystery of the Abbey becomes the first inductee into Brett & Board's Hall of Fame.
Check the complete review on:www.brettboard.dk.
Brother Mik, an devout Benedictine investigator, was last seen erring around the Monastery's Chapter Hall!.
05/27/2003: Mystery of the Abbey a hit at KublaCon
Mystery of the Abbey was a big hit among game fans during the three days of KublaCon - the San Francisco Bay Area's largest gaming convention at the Hyatt Regency in Burlingame.
In addition to the Mystery of the Abbey tournament on Sunday afternoon, Mystery of the Abbey games were seen being played well into the night each evening of the convention.
The Mystery of the Abbey Tournament had so many participants we split the field into 3 different groups. Congratulations to Michael Medlin, Darin Leviloff and Andrew Hartwell, who all won their divisions of the tournament and picked up some cool Days of Wonder games as prizes.
All these Abbey investigations may have been inspired by the surprise appearance of two travelling Franciscan monks - Brother Eric and Brother Mark.
05/23/2003: Game Session Report - Paul & Friends visit the Abbey!
05/14/2003: All Days of Wonder web sites are now available in German!
05/04/2003: February and March winners of the Fist of Dragonstones contest
04/03/2003: Mystery of the Abbey web site, our first large box game!
03/17/2003: Queen's Necklace web site
03/13/2003: New Fist of Dragonstones Contest Winner: The Black Death
We are are proud to announce that Peter Loop was the January 2003 Winner of the monthly Fist of Dragonstones contest, for his Black Death card. Read More...
02/16/2003: New press release about Queen's Necklace
02/16/2003: New press release about Mystery of the Abbey
02/11/2003: Final version of Gang of Four Online!
Special thanks to everyone who helped testing the software! Read More...
01/28/2003: Fist of Dragonstones Contest. Free bonus Illusionist card!
Read all about our Fist of Dragonstones monthly contest! Download the first winner, the Illusionist cardRead More...
12/04/2002: The first beta version of Gang of Four Online is available! Come and join the fun of multi-players online gaming!
00/00/0000: Memoir '44 Pacific Theater - Coming in June!
Dear Memoir '44 fans:

Looking for all the new information of our upcoming Pacific Theatre expansion? Click here to see what's new!