Corinth Corinth

FAQ / Service après-vente / Support Technique

You purchased a game (or expansion or DLC) on Android, iOS or Steam: why do you have to re-purchase it on other platforms too?

You need to re-purchase the game separately for each of the Google Play Store (for Android apps), Apple App Store (for iOS apps), Amazon Store (for Kindle apps), or Steam (for PC or Mac) store.

The Google Play Store, as well as the Apple App Store and the Amazon Store are "walled gardens". This means that their business terms specifically forbid us from granting an app or an expansion ("DLC", "IAP" items...) based on a purchase made on another store. By the same token, they forbid us from granting apps or services outside of their realms in exchange of purchases made on their platform.

Steam is the only exception, which is why we grant the Steam version to Ticket to Ride purchasers of the Web version and vice-versa. But we cannot grant an Android, iOS or Kindle version if you bought it on Steam. And we cannot give the Steam version if you bought it on Android or iOS or Kindle.

It's simply forbidden to us, both ways. Nothing can go in or out of the Google Play Store, the Apple App Store or the Amazon Store.

Thanks for your understanding.

Note: after your purchases, you will still be able to use the same Days of Wonder account for online gaming on these various platforms. In fact we highly recommend it: this will allow you to use the same DOW identity and game history across all devices. If you have multiple accounts, you probably want to merge them. Read these instructions to merge multiple accounts.