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Memoir '44 Tournament

  • Date: 20/07/2013
  • Date de fin : 20/07/2013
  • Etat : Confirmé
  • Type : Tournoi
  • Site web : grgg.org

Due to popular request, I will be running the fourth annual Memoir '44 tournament at Quincon 28 in Quincy, Illinois. As usual, it will be held on Saturday evening. Due to the large number of players, there may be an occasional wait between games.

Each player will vie against three opponents on three very different scenarios. Each scenario will be played twice; once as the axis and once as the allied commander. In the end, whoever has the most victory medals will be the winner (each game plays to 6 medals so 36 is the highest possible score). There are prizes for the first three finishers.

To play the tournament alone is $2.50 as does not require a convention pass.

Lieu de l'événement :

Quincy Senior and Family Center

639 York
Quincy, IL 62301
United States


Personne à contacter

  • Contact : Rob Cook
  • Organisation : Great River Gaming Guild
  • E-mail : 
  • Téléphone : 217-617-7118