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Question about goblin archer figures Sat, 22 December 2007 00:59
On the back of the Goblin Archer figures, held onto the Goblin by straps, is a vaguely triangular something-or-other, with rounded edges and a pattern imprinted on it.

I'm painting my figures (slowly!), and I can't figure out what this object is supposed to be. I asked my wife, she couldn't figure it out either. Without knowing what it is, I can't begin to figure out how to paint it.

Any ideas?
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Re:Question about goblin archer figures Sat, 22 December 2007 01:00
its a sheild i did mine gold with silver trim

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Re:Question about goblin archer figures Sat, 22 December 2007 06:15
Only a goblin, who is frightened by nature, would put a shield on it's back vs using it to defend.

Only wonder what the conversation could be....

Goblin #1 : "Hey, we got this triangle thing but it's a pain to throw"
Goblin #2 : "Throw? Why throw it when it makes a great way to hide behind against those arrow things"
Goblin #1 : "You mean we can hide behind them?"
Goblin #2 : "Yes"
Goblin #1 : "Okay, then I guess it works even better if we put them on our backs. We can dodge arrows all day"
Goblin #2 : "That's a BRILLANT idea!! I'll tell the others."


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