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  Book of High Magic Fri, 18 July 2008 08:25
With the Book of high magic, players can be caught in other players cells without having stolen at all.

What happens when/if those players are caught. Do they lose a random card & do they lose a turn?

Furthermore, turns lost for Pennance carry over a mass, correct?

Thanks in advance.
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Re:Book of High Magic Sat, 09 March 2013 04:06
The rules relating to a "caught" monk on Page 6 say:

"the owner of a cell may enter it even if there is already another pawn in it. In this case, the intruder is caught in the act. He must immediately five back the card he took from the cell's owner (if he doesn't have this card any more, another card is randomly drawn from his hand)."

My interpretation is that all actions in this rule are dependent on there being a card taken from the cell's owner. If the player did not take a card from the cell's owner after moving to that space, the secondary rule in brackets cannot apply.

It is my understanding that room-related actions only take place when you end your turn in that room. Therefore pawns moved with the Book of High Magic don't get the advantage of the rooms they are placed into. However, there is nothing to stop a house ruling to the contrary, which might make things interesting.

Page 8 says "If a pawn goes to penance just before the Mass, he must skip his first turn after Mass". So the answer to your second question is "yes".
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