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Strange Ranks Mon, 01 September 2008 22:09
Today, i was wathing my ranks, and after that currrent rank 1's, Schwens ranks. I noticed one thing

Overall: 6
2 player: 1
Usa: 2


Overall: 1
Usa: 1
2 player: 2

But then other ranks:

Eu Score:

Schwen 1731
Me 1846


Schwen 1702
Me 1743

How is this possible?
I know i have fair rank, and so has Schwen, but still seems like my splitted ranks doesnt show real picure.

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Mr Bean
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Re:Strange Ranks Mon, 01 September 2008 22:20
Hmmmmm, i can think of only one reason : Schwen must be a cheater; he probably bribed DoW or something Laughing Laughing Laughing
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Re:Strange Ranks Tue, 02 September 2008 18:54
finally someone sees the conspiration, please let me who needs to be bribed for good tickets and locos...
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Re:Strange Ranks Tue, 02 September 2008 22:33
Ok Zimo I guess I'll have to be the one to give you a "real" answer.

You might not be aware that the seperate rankings are a "newer" thing. New as compared to how long it was that there used to be ONLY the Overall ranking. Before Nov 2006 there was only the overall rating.

Anyway the point is that you can't just take all the various rankings and weight them according to number of games played in each variant unless someone's account started AFTER the time the scores were split. An extreme example of this would be when Pilke "came back" and played a few games. Her overall was something like 1840 (approx) but her 2 player and usa would have been much much lower (and provisional to boot in her case).

At least I am thinking this is the reason you are seeing the difference since Schwen had 1300 or so games before the seperate rankings while you started after the splits. I am sure that someone with more stats knowledge (and availibility of data) would be able to tell you for sure.

Helpful as Always,


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Re:Strange Ranks Wed, 03 September 2008 03:25
I believe it is because you play more Multi (and Europe to a lesser extent) eventhough your ratings are higher in those categories.

If I figure out a good way to explain why that would make your overall less, I will, but for now I'll let someone smarter come along and explain.

Baron's explanation is also part of it, but I think only has a little effect.
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