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Game Variant: Order Tokens Fri, 11 September 2009 16:52
My friends and family really enjoy Memoir 44 and have played 100s of scenarios, but we find that between the card draws and the dice rolls that the degree of randomness was too high. So we now play a variant using order tokens in place of the command cards.

To play this variant you need 50 order tokens (we use red 7/8 chips from Koplow Games that come 50 to a tube). Each player places 25 tokens in their reserve order pool at the beginning of the game and at the beginning of each turn takes tokens equal to the number of command card specified in the scenario minus one(5 command cards equals 4 tokens per turn)from the reserve pool and places them in their available order pool. The player can then do either of the following:

1) Pay one order token (move token from the available pool back to the reserve pool) and order any one unit anywhere on the board.

2) Pay the cost in order tokens for a special tactic (see below). Special tactics cannot be used during the first two turns. They cannot be used two turns in a row. Each tactic can only be use once per game (exception is Air Strike, if one side has air superiority)

We use the order tokens to mark the corresponding unit on the board and move them to the reserve pool after battling. Each player must order at least one unit each turn. Unused order tokens remain in the available order pool and can be used in following turns.

We created a one page table for each player listing the special tactics below. When the tactic is used, place one of the paid order tokens on it to reflect its usage. This reduces the number of order tokens available as the games goes on.


Tactic Name, Token Cost/Item (Maximum Items), Effect

Air Strike, 2/Hex (4), Roll 1 die per hex and hit on unit/grenade/star
Ambush, 4/Unit (2), Battle First
Armour Assault, 2/Armour (4), Battle +1 dice on Close Assault
Artillery Bombardment, 3/Artillery (3), Battle Twice
Barrage, 2/Die (4), Target 1 hex and hit on unit/grenade
Behind Enemy Lines, 4/Infantry (2), Move 3 & battle +1 die & move 3
Close Assault, 2/Unit (4), Battle +1 die in close assault
Dig In, 2/Unit (4), Place Sandbag on unit
Finest Hour, 3/Unit (3), +1 movement & battle +1 die
Fire Fight, 2/Unit (4), Battle +1 die in non-close assault
Infantry Assault, 2/Infantry (4), +1 movement
Medics & Mechanics, 2/Infantry 4/Armour 6/Artillery (4), Replace killed figure**

**Replacement figures can be applied across multiple units. Maximum is for the number of figures, not units.
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Re:Game Variant: Order Tokens Fri, 11 September 2009 18:04
I agree there is a certain degree of luck in the game, due mostly to which tactic cards you receive and when. For that reason I frequently remove the Barrage and Air Power cards (when not using Air Rules), which I believe can be too unbalanced.

Your idea sounds like an interesting way to deal with this and I like parts of it on principle. I don't like the elimintation of the section cards. This changes the tenor of the game drastically (eliminating the card management aspect). I am not sure I like some of the specifics, e.g., using a tactic only once per game or not using one two times in a row. (I think some scenarios can only be won by certain sides only through judicious use of tactics).

Basically, I like this idea as applied to the tactic cards only and maybe only certain tactic cards. Paying for tactics with possibly fixed resources is IMO the important idea. It would be interesting to see what could be further tested and developed along these lines. Maybe there could be some way for players to earn tactic cards by performing certain actions or meeting goals? Earning tactic resources might fit well with campaign rules.

Anyway..., it sounds like an interesting idea. Maybe I will try it someday.
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