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May 2003
Bluffing with sound Fri, 30 May 2003 03:50
I recently picked up Fist of Dragonstones with a few of my friends and we all love the game. The first thing we noticed, was that the barriers that come with the game are too low for our playing setup, and we were reading hand motions to determine what others bid. We resolved this by using other barriers; small boxes, birthday cards, whatever is in the area.

I guess it's human nature, but next we began listening for the sounds of the coins hitting each other to determine what a player's bid might be. We all developed our own ways to throw off the others when grabbing our coins (pick them up, drop them, shuffle them to other hands, etc); we decided to name this bluffing. In one tie-breaker, to throw off my opponent, i grabbed some of my fairy gold (rather noisably) and put my fist out to set my bid. He had bid 2 silver coins, and i opened my fist of 4 fairy gold. He won the bid 2 silver to 0 silver, and i put my fairy gold back. The majority of us saw nothing wrong with this, it's on par with having two pairs in poker and smiling like an idiot to make your opponents think you have something bigger. One friend however, began to argue that it changes the mechanics of the game. To the rest of us, it seems that ideal conditions for this game would be like playing over the internet where there is no way possible to determine other players' bids. So listening for sounds should not be considered part of the game mechanics. Also, like mentioned earlier, how is this different than a bluff in poker?

So in short, from the source, what is the ruling on 'sound bluffing'? Is there a problem with me placing a bid of 3 silver and 2 fairy gold; then returning the 3 silver because they don't count in a regular auction? And vice versa in a tie-breaker auction?

Thanks for your time, sorry if i made this seem a little long winded.
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October 2002
Re:Bluffing with sound Tue, 03 June 2003 08:27
Since it doesn't change the game itself, it's really as you wish and I don't think an official ruling is needed Wink
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October 2002
Re:Bluffing with sound Tue, 03 June 2003 09:31
Personally, my kids and I like to make all kind of fake sounds with our coins to enhance even higher the bluffing part of the game. This is a lot of fun!


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February 2003
Re:Bluffing with sound Wed, 04 June 2003 16:17
We certainly make noise as well fumbling around with the coins, though we tend to make more noise when we are bluffing. Be careful of that. Razz

The rules do state the first bidding is to be done in gold and the tie-breakers in silver. Since you used gold in a tie-breaker to "bid", consistent with the rules, you should not be bringing it back behind your screen unless the turn is over.

For my group, all bluffing from behind the screen is downright expected. I'd suggest doing a better job of faking putting coins in your hand (whether noisily or not).

However, majority rules in "House Rules". Establish your own personal rules for bluffing, and the return of coins that you cannot normally use to bid. Do that prior to the start of the game and I don't see any problem with it.

(Just another player)
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January 2003
Re:Bluffing with sound Thu, 24 July 2003 07:22
I've always played that way-it helps. I have also mastered making virtually the exact movements regardless of my bid, but that's difficult.

If you really want to go the extra mile, get some extra disks and paint them white or purple or something. Then there will be no issues.
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