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November 2010
Days of Wonder Players in Augusta GA? Thu, 04 November 2010 18:53
Are there any players of Days of Wonder Games who live in or near Augusta Georgia?

If so, please drop me a note.

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Re:Days of Wonder Players in Augusta GA? Sat, 06 November 2010 18:01
Welcome to the forum boards! Cool

I don't know anybody who lives in Augusta, but I do know a place on the Days of Wonder web site that will help you find players. Follow this link and check the middle bottom of the screen. You should be able to search for players, groups or stores in your area! Granted, you'll only find people who have registered where they are but it might be worth a try.

Good luck in your search! Smile
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Re:Days of Wonder Players in Augusta GA? Wed, 24 November 2010 18:42
Loads of us in Lawrenceville. Meet at the Tower Games on Sundays.
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