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Squiffy Trubshaw

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Strange AI vs White Ladies Fri, 20 May 2011 22:22
Just played a game using White Ladies as my first race. I declined them with five counters on the board. The AI then chose a race, and moved into a mountain zone. Thing is, this zone was completely surrounded by the Ladies, so there was nowhere for the AI to go. This was about turn five. Every turn, the AI then reinforced that zone, making no attempt to withdraw and enter elsewhere. I ended up with a huge margin of course, but this is very poor play by the AI.

Come to think of it, I've never seen the AI choose the White Ladies, it's almost as if it has a blind spot regarding them.

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Designer's Oath

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February 2006
Re:Strange AI vs White Ladies Fri, 03 June 2011 18:59
This happened to me one game, too. One of my highest scoring games ever. I think the problem is that the AI typically balances two desires:

1) Gain as many lands as possible as quickly as possible, with a preference for mountains (you can pretty easily predict what race/ability combo the AI will pick based on this rubric alone)

2) Preferentially capture player-owned lands

Unfortunately, I don't think the algorithm takes into account the fact that declined White Lady lands are impregnable
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Re:Strange AI vs White Ladies Thu, 09 June 2011 22:15
Same thing happened to me! I was just coming here to post a screenshot on it!

Uploaded with

Needless to say - I had no problems winning the game from this point on... Smile

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