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Flames Question Fri, 29 July 2011 21:37
Hello, I just needed clarification on how the Flames race works. This is what I gather...They have to start from an adjacent space to the volcano, right, cuz it doesn't say that in the rule book. And from there they must conquer regions adjacent to there oun. And if they continue this chain from the volcano they can conquer region as if they were empty, right? So, if they get split up some how they can still conquer from those split off regions, they just don't get the "empty space" conquer bonus, right? And last, if the Flames cross the river they are going to get cut off from the chain right? And they would not get the bonus? Thank You.

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Re:Flames Question Sat, 30 July 2011 10:25
Everything you wrote here is correct! Very Happy
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Re:Flames Question Fri, 20 January 2012 00:19

I have a few Flames questions as well, so I'll tack them on here.

First, commenting on the above questions, the Flames would still be connected the turn they conquer the river region, because they lift that race token during reployment, no? So during their conquest phase they remain connected. In subsequent turns, they could reconquer the tile to reestablish connection (for 1 assuming the rest of their chain remained intact).

I assumed things like fortifications and troll lairs are not considered for Flames conquest because they go away when the region is conquered or emptied. But what about the Heart of the Keep (or whatever that Place of Power is called--I don't have my copy of the game with me at the moment). I can see arguments either way. We've played that it doesn't count (but mountains do). I could easily see the argument that its improvement to the region's defense (which is how it is worded, as I recall), is effectively the same as a mountain's effect. If the region with the keep were empty it would still cost 3 to conquer, and therefore 3 for the Flames as well, right?
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