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AI Improvements Mon, 12 December 2011 15:13
Found a case of where the AI could use some improvement.
This is the map as it was on turn 10. The white square represent my active skeletons. The black squares represent my in-decline ghouls. The blue square are the AIs in decline halflings. The red squares are empty.

I've finished up my turn 10. It's the AI's turn. The AI goes to the race selection screen. The first two up are:

Flying White Ladies with 2 victory coins [7 Race Tokens]
Wealthy Wizards with 0 victory coins [9 Race Tokens]

Now, I was a little surprised when the AI takes the White Ladies. The Ladies take the two empties and one of my skeleton zones. Total score for the turn: 7. (2 for the halfling controlled areas, 2 for the race selection, and 3 for white lady controlled areas).

Now...if the AI had chosen the wizards...He could have taken the same 3 zones, one of which would have been a magic crystal zone....and still had 2 left over to make an attempt on another territory. Scoring if the AI had chosen the wizards: 13 (Maybe 14). 7 for Wealthy, 2 for halfing zones, 3 for wizard zones (maybe 4), 1 bonus for Magic Crystal.

The final score (with the AI having taken the ladies) was 92-85 AI loss. With the wizards, this score would have been 92-91 (or 92-92). Yes, the AI would have still lost. Even with the tie, I still had way more of the board. At least a 92-92 score is a much better showing.

Also...please change the order of the AI placing redeployments and heroes. It's painful to watch the AI drag one token at a time onto the board...then finally drag the heroes on the board...then, one token at a time, empty out the hero-ized regions.

Great game though! When is Be Afraid coming to iPad? Or more than 2 players?

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