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Dumbbot is really dumb Mon, 27 February 2012 22:08
tried to search for similar thread though no luck. anyhow, even if thread about bot behavior do exist, imho this kind of bot's stupidity deserves new thread.

I have played few hundreds of TtR games online, seen pretty stupid bot decisions but have never witnessed such a intentional how-to-lose type of play. or is it just me, maybe they do always play like that?

here's the situation:

not so long after the game's start one player left, so Dumbbot replaced him. Player who left had 1200+ score.

though few important routes for him was blocked, bot did really well as it seemed in the beginning, to find new ways to complete his destination tickets. however, he finished by making terrible decisions and losing intentionally.

as you see in the printscreen, Luzern-Zug route was crucial for him to claim, since he had destination tickets of Lugano-Zurich and Lugano-Chur if I remember correctly. there were always (at least 5 last turns) 3-4 Orange train cards open for grabs. however, when he had 5 train wagons left, he claimed Zurich-Olten route becoming first player to have 2 or less wagons left (though he had no destination tickets going to Olten), and then claiming Martingy-France with his last turn. for the unfinished destination tickets he got minus 19 points and lost miserably.

I remember reading somewhere that it depends on disconnected player's rating which bot will replace him and that bot should play someway similar on how the real player having such a score is expected to play. even if this is not the case, such an intentional losing play really destroys spirit of the game.
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Re:Dumbbot is really dumb Fri, 02 March 2012 02:59
There is reason why he's called DumbBot...because he is dumb. Has no pattern to it's logic (usually I think it's the grab enough cards and lay - but even that can be refuted!) Don't think he EVER grabs any more wagon route tickets that I can recall.

Usually I avoid playing with that bot, if I'm playing with bots to avoid playing a game that starts with one. Sadly for if a bot replaces a player, you have no choice in that matter.

As for which bot that replaces the player, I do believe it is totally random.


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Re:Dumbbot is really dumb Thu, 26 April 2012 02:07
How about "Herr Doktor" in the Ticket To Ride solo version. He always builds up a big lead by playing only long routes. However, the routes he plays have nothing to do with his destination cards. In the end he always loses because of his failue to complete any cards. Are there biogrophies somewhere in the game program showing how each of the AI players play? I hate to play against him but sometimes do just to see what he's up to. It's just a fun game to play, win or lose.
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