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Ticket to Ride basics: please clarify Mon, 25 June 2012 20:37
I played last night with my girlfriend and we loved this game... but there are a few basics we needed clarification. I also came from the online game, and it helped with some questions.

1. (Pulling Cards) If there is a face up locomotive and I take it, I am now done with my drawing stage. I can take two regular face up cards or 2 face down cards one of each. If I pull one face down (blind) card I cant turn around and take a face up locomotive. Is this correct?

2. Destination cards - I am dealt 3 destination cards- I must keep 2 at beginning of game. If I choose to draw more destination cards I must take 3 with the opportunity of returning 2 of those cards. Basically these destination cards are stuck with you and there is no limit to how many you can keep, and you cant discard destination cards.

3. When counting the longest continues path at the end of the game, do two branches count as one path? for example if you have something that looks like a 2 headed snake (one long path that branches into 2 paths) do you count both paths? Or the the longest single lane path?


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Re:Ticket to Ride basics: please clarify Tue, 26 June 2012 12:18
1. when drawing cards you can take either: 1 facedown 1 faceup / 2 facedown / 2 faceup.
if you take locomotive card faceup, you're done with your turn. if you get locomotive when drawing blind, you can take another card. of course it can't be faceup locomotive.

2. at the beginning of the game when you get 3 destination cards - choose carefully, because once you have chosen your routes, you can't throw them away, and if you don't complete them you will get minus. same goes for drawing additional destination cards. what you have chosen to keep - it's yours for the duration of the game.
and yes, you have to keep minimum 1, and maximum all 3 of them.

3. "branches" or "second snake's head" doesn't count towards longest path.
see example below


highlighted snake is yellow player's longest path. note that "branch" Bern-Fribourg-Lausanne is not included.
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