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Online game password issue Sat, 07 July 2012 02:21
Hello, I have a steam account and also have purchased TTR for my iPad. When we try to play a game together, we create a private game with a password (on the PC-Steam account). When I try to connect on the iPad I type in my PW but then it goes back to the password screen. I have tried the standard 'letmein', tried creating a game with a different password.

Also on the iPad we tried inviting my steam account. TTR starts to create the game but then asks to invite others from my "Game Center".

We just want to play an online game of us local users. HELP.
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Re:Online game password issue Sun, 08 July 2012 09:16
OK, several issues at stake here. Please bear with me:

- Using your Steam-generated account on the iPad: When you started your Steam game, a Days of Wonder account was automatically created for you, using a Login Name drawn from your Steam name. The problem is that you now want to use it on your iPad, but you don't have the password for it. Rolling Eyes Here is the procedure to resolve this:

1) Login on Web site using your Steam credentials: go to http://www.daysofwonder.com/login, click on the "Sign-in with Steam" button, and use your Steam ID and password.
2) Now that you're in (it will tell you "Welcome <your name>" in the upper right corner), you can set your password. To do so, go to "My Account" (upper right corner) -> "Change my password".
3) That's it. Make a note of your Login Name and password, and use them on the iPad. Go to the Mechanics room and log in with them.

Note that we plan to make this process easier directly from the Steam game in the near future.

- Playing with a friend or family member between the Steam game and the iPad game: since everyone plays from the same server, there is no problem there. One important note, though: it is HIGHLY recommended that each player uses a DIFFERENT Days of Wonder Online account. Otherwise your ranking is going to be screwed up. Since the Days of Wonder account is fixed and tied to your Steam account on the PC, you will have to log in with this other account on the iPad. How to create another account? Very simple, all it takes is an e-mail address and it's free. On the iPad, choose "Sign-up" when you are asked for a Login and Password. Enter a valid e-mail, and you'll receive your password by e-mail. The iPad will automatically log in with it anyway, so that's easy.

Now you can play together! On the PC, create a game with a password. On the iPad, go to the Restaurant, display the list of Private Games, tap on the game that was created on the PC, enter the password, and voilà!

Sorry for the long text, it's easier than it seems Wink

Have fun,

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