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RBF: Red Barricade Cup Sun, 02 September 2012 16:17
Dear Memoir 44 fans!

I just updated my RBF stats, and decided to start a new topic.
I would like to organize an online Red Barricade Cup!

I think the Red Barricade Factory is the perfect scenario for making an interesting and exciting competition.

I believe that most of the players have more freetime to play on the weekends, so i think it will be a weekend cup. Smile

I am not a member of DoW, so this is not an official cup.
Anybody can register for this online competition in this topic for free. This is a non-profit event. You don't have to pay, and you won't get prize either. The winner of the RBF cup will get only the fame of being the Red Barricade Champion, and of course the respect of other M44 fans.

Registration deadline: 09.16.2012. (Sunday)
Try to inform your friends to register in time!

Here are the rules:
The main goal for everybody to have fun!

All the battles will be played on the Red Barricade Factory Scenario.
Every player will play 4 games with his/her opponent. Two axis and two allied. This is a good chance to correct your results after a bad luck.

Every player will get 3 RBF CUP points for a victory with opponent's underperformance.
Every player will get 2 RBF CUP points for a victory with opponent's overperformance.
Every player will get 1 RBF CUP points for a loss with overperformance.
Every player will get 0 RBF CUP points for a loss with underperformance.

So everybody has the chance to collect up to 12 RBF CUP points during 4 battles.

You can get an extra RBF CUP point, if you beat a player who has higher rank than you at least with 2 levels or more!
Example: LTC vs BG or CPT vs COL or 2LT vs MAJ

This is an extra motivation for the new players!

I know that playing RBF takes more time than the other maps. 4 battles could take 2-4 hours.

After the Registration deadline ( Sunday 16th of September.2012.)
I will make the schedule of the cup.
There will be 2 or 4 groups (depending on the number of participating players). Every group has the same number of players, to make equal chances.

Everybody will get at least 4 weekends to play his/her battles against the other players of the group.
Everbody can plan his/her own battles in the group stage with consulting the opponent.
You can play 2 battles on Saturday, and 2 on Sunday with the same opponent, but can play 4 battles on the same day. This is up to you.
To make your 4 battles offical for this RBF cup, you must send an e-mail to after these games with the DoW links (1 link for each battle) and 4 screenshots with the final score statistics. (one of the two players can send the email, you don't have to do it both)
example: 541880

I will put the results into a chart/table after every weekend, and you can check it any time.

Don't forget to send the email, because only those RBF CUP points can count what you sent in time and published on the chart/table.

This chart/table will contain the name of the players, the results of the battles, the collected and lost medals, RBF CUP points, etc.

After the group stage, there will be the drop-out stage.
The best 4 players of every group will play against an other group's player.
A1 vs B4
B1 vs A4
A2 vs B3
B2 vs A3

This is a drop out stage, only the winners can go to the next round. The best four players will go to the semi final and play for the 1-4 positions.

Another 2 weekends for the semi final and the final battles.
It will be in the schedule!

If there is a tie between two players RBF CUP point, the player with the better medal index will be ranklisted higher position.
The medal index: The difference between the collected medals and the lost medals (what your opponent collected).

You played these battles: 10-5 Victory, 10-5 Victory, 5-10 Loss, 10-5 Victory
You collected 35 medals
You lost 25 medals
Your medal index is 10. (35-25)

So try to focus on winning the most number of medals if you can!

Let's find out who will be the RBF CUP champion!

Try yourself in this online challenge and register in this topic!
Time to practice on RBF! Smile

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
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Re:RBF: Red Barricade Cup Sun, 02 September 2012 22:45
Congratulations for suggesting another competition.

Of course there are other tournaments that a player could join, but the aren't at RBF which we know is your favourite scenario.

I won't be registering in this competition.

RBF takes too long to play in a normal situation without the tactical play that goes with tournament play. I don't have enough time to 4 RBF matches in a day or weekend.

Why should victories against higher ranked players - officer rank not points rank - count more? This is not an incentive to get me to join a competition by telling me that I start at a disadvantage.

Will you, HamonSerrano, give your opponents an extra head start as you are the self-confessed expert on this scenario? Anyone one beating you at least once should get 5 bonus points.

Your scoring system should allow for bad luck.

A player that overperforms with dice 20% better than average shouldn't be rewarded, nor should a player that rolls 20% les than average be punished.

A winner that wins with 60% (or better) infantry hit rates, 40% (or better) hit rates on armour, 20% (or better) hit rates on artillery shouldn't be rewarded for over performing, similarly hit rates less than 40% on infantry, 26% on artillery, 13% on atillery shouldn't be punished.

Good on you for suggesting a tournament and may all who play have fun.

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Re:RBF: Red Barricade Cup Mon, 03 September 2012 13:16
Dear Phread!

First of all thank you to share your thoughts about the cup.
I am open for any suggestions to make better this challenge.
I know, that not everybody likes to play on RBF, because it is a long battle in most of the cases. On the other hand i think it is a popular scenario. A lot of player is battling on RBF. That's why i thought to organize a cup.
I haven't decided to participate on this cup. As you wrote, some players could think i have advantage on this map. Maybe it is true. On the other hand i think i am who lost the most battles on RBF too Smile Even AI Johnny beat me several times. Smile
But knowing a map/scenario is not the only thing you need for a victory. The tactical skills, your style, your opponent, cards and dice has a very big effect on the battle.
If the majority of the players would like to play without me, then i will not participate.

We can leave out the the rule with the ranks for bonus point, if it is disadvantageous for the players. My idea was to give an extra motivation for the new players, that's all.

The skill points are changing all the time, and you cannot check it during the battles. That is why i chose the ranks. Ranks not changing to often.

I think there is a misunderstanding about overperformance.
In every scenario there is an expected value for both players how much medals they should collect to reach an overperformance. On the RBF scenario it is about 8.2 for Allied, and 7.5 for Axis. (it is changing a bit, i know).
If you can beat your opponent for example 10-6, then you made an overperformance (every victory is an overperformance) and your opponent made an underperformance.

I know that dice has serious effect on the game, but it isn't the only factor.

If anybody has a good idea about the RBF cup, feel free to write it down.


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