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Kobolds + Vampire or in-decline Reborn Race Thu, 06 September 2012 04:25
So I've found a few threads on BGG about this, but none here, and nothing that seemed to give a definitive answer. My question is: How do the Kobolds work with powers that specifically put one unit in a region? (Vampire and Reborn)

I assume Vampire Kobolds work one of the following ways, but I'm not sure which:
1. You can't use Vampire if you're Kobolds
2. You first do the normal Vampire rules, getting a new Kobold from the tray or your hand to replace the active enemy unit. But then you must also add a second unit from your hand to occupy the region. You can't use the Vampire ability if you don't have enough units in your hand to do this.
3. You do normal Vampire rules, but because Kobolds can never be alone, the territory is immediately abandoned and the new unit goes back into your hand.

I initially thought 2, but now I'm thinking 1 is correct because the SWU FAQ lists "Vampire Kobolds" as a contradictory combination. Option 3 seems crazy to me but it seemed to be what someone was suggesting in a post on BGG so I thought I'd mention it.

Similarly, I assume active Kobolds with an in-decline Reborn race work one of these ways:
1. You can't use Reborn to place new Kobold units
2. You reborn one unit as normal, but then must place a second Kobold unit from your hand to occupy the region and cannot reborn if you don't have enough units to do so.
3. You reborn one unit and it immediately bounces into your hand.

Again I was leaning towards 2 but now I'm thinking maybe 1 is correct.

If anyone knows what the official ruling is I would appreciate it. Alternatively if any of you have played with these variations, which seemed the least unbalanced or made the most sense to you?
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