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Played in game run by Richard Borg Fri, 07 September 2012 19:01
I played in my first Overlord game last week and it was a lot of fun. It was at a convention and Richard Borg was running it, which was neat. He has a pleasant personality and made it a fun game. I'd highly recommend getting into one of his games if the chance comes your way.

We played Hedgerow Hell and I was the German overall commander by virtue of the fact I happened to be sitting in the middle and had played the game before.

When I first read the rules for Overlord, I thought, "Gee, the overall commander doesn't have much to do," but in reality playing that role I found in fact there is a lot that goes into it and the challenge of trying to orchestrate the overall battle while not really being able to talk to your commanders very much was a lot of fun.

For what it is worth we ended up winning. Drawing a counter-attack card that I was able to play against the allied Finest Hour and then draw back to back Finest Hour cards of my own didn't hurt! Twisted Evil

Got a copy of Hedgerow Hell, signed by Richard, which will hold a coveted place in my '44 collection.

-- Ann

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