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Share ticket-to-ride maps between macs Sun, 14 October 2012 21:30

I have two different macs. A macbook air when i am on the go, and a macbook pro when i am doing photo editing at home.. I have bought the ticket to ride game at app store, and i works just fine. But there is a problem with the extra maps that i bought - i am only able to use them on the macbook pro! I would really like to use the extra maps i bought for both of the macs.. I use the same apple ID on them both..

I hope that someone can help me with the problem..


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Re:Share ticket-to-ride maps between macs Sun, 14 October 2012 21:53
Before anyone can help, you might need to provide a bit more information:

1) Have you tried to download the expansions to your second machine and they just won't load?

2) If you have not downloaded them, is it because the App Store asks you to pay again?

If this is the case, don't worry about the message that says you'll have to pay again. Just accept the cost and follow all the steps...when it goes to charge your account, it'll see that you already have it and you'll get a message saying that it will start downloading for free. This is an Apple system, not something DoW has put in place.

3) Is there a totally different problem that I haven't mentioned?

I hope one of us on the forums here can help you fix this. Cool
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