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NC news & thoughts? Wed, 31 October 2012 03:30
To add to the wonder of the Nation's Cup season, add your thoughts here about Nation's Cup life.

Let me begin:

So Nation's Cup fans, after 5 weeks, people are wondering who is in and who could still be in chase for Nation's Cup supremacy?

So with all the adeptness of a hack writer, here is what I note following only 5 rounds (and not even looking at round 6 results to this point):
Please correct as you see it.

Group A:
UEG in, CAT in, with a big match coming up for first place and a bye in knock-out round.
OLE in.
SMP inside track to make it, but FC could surprise and make it in with some scenarios.

Group C: This one is fairly clear as far as which 4 make it, but the order is up in the air.
BIP, TuS, AGT are in; and finishing order is up fro grabs still.
AT is in if it can manage 0.5 points in next 2 matches But YWN has a shot with a big win over AT, and TIC and ITY have long shot if things would fall right.

Group B: This is one toss-up grouping. No one is definitely in yet.
While AMD has current lead, they could still miss the play-offs with a loss, and others winning in such a way that there is a major tie for 4th spot.
Then you have SOS in second, and they could move to first, or could be knocked totally out with a loss in their last match.
RED & SNS are tied for 3rd & 4th, and play each other in round 6.
WASA & Champagne are 5th & 6th respectively, but with winning out could easily be in the knock-out round.
But movement for any team from 1st to 6th could happen in next two weeks.
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