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What does "[bip]" mean? Tue, 27 November 2012 23:21
Hi, I'm relatively new, but I've seen this a couple times and I'm curious. Just played a game where the other guy loads up to 6 tickets on the first 4 turns, connects up Vancover-Portland-S.F.-L.A. and Atlanta-Nashville-Chicago-New York.

I've got two tickets for a grand total of 22 points (Winnipeg-Houston and Duluth-El Paso)

So I block him from connecting his two sides of the board. Duh. He quits, says "[bip]" and I beat the dumbbot 116 to -4. He failed 87 points worth of tickets. 87 points! What was I supposed to do?

And by the way, this wasn't one of those dumb "no blocking" games either, the title was just some gibberish letters.

I'm confused, and a bit annoyed. This is the second game I've played like this. Is there a setting for "no quitters"?
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Re:What does "[bip]" mean? Wed, 28 November 2012 01:15
Welcome to the Forums!

The computer substitutes [bip] in place of words it considers inappropriate.
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Re:What does "[bip]" mean? Wed, 28 November 2012 06:34
Umbrageofsnow wrote on Wed, 28 November 2012 02:21

I'm confused, and a bit annoyed. This is the second game I've played like this. Is there a setting for "no quitters"?

Sadly in any community there is going to be a group of players who are not very polite or frustrate the other people. I'm afraid TTR is no different! Razz

Most people are very nice and quite enjoyable to play against. Your strategy of blocking is perfectly allowed though with some people it's not very popular. If you did that in a game marked "No Blocking" it might be different but since you didn't, I would just write the people off and enjoy the game despite them!

One thing you can do is add these quitters to your "Ignore" list so that you don't accidentally run into them again. Along with adding favorite players to your "Buddy" list, it's a good system for trying to play with enjoyable opponents every game.

Have fun and welcome to the game!!
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