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New bug on "Red barricades" Mon, 03 December 2012 10:30
I have just reported a new bug that I met yesterday while playing solo on RBF.

- Turn 5 : you can see that the minefield on hex I6 is still there : the infantry loses one figure exploding on it (minefield, strength 2).

- Turn 7 : german moves several units to attack my tanks, one being an engineer that moves on I7, THEN fights, THEN moves AFTER battling, AND minefield is considered removed AFTER the fights are over.
So this units : moves, fights, moves after battling, removes minefield.
Bug that gave victory to Johnny.

- Turn 8 - 12 : check that NO unit removes the minefield ;

- Turn 13 : tank unit moves over hex I6 BECAUSE there is no minefield left.

I lost game thanks to that move (watch turns 14-23).
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Re:New bug on "Red barricades" Thu, 06 December 2012 23:44
Ah, I see-yes that should not have happened.

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