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  Bug - Players see different scores at end of game Sun, 25 November 2012 17:47
My family often plays Ticket To Ride Pocket (USA) via the Multiplayer option (the one that uses game center). We've noticed that often at the end of the game, we don't agree on the final scores of the game. Note the score of "modern post" in the following screenshots, taken from two different players at the end of the same game:



One player sees that modernpost has 163 points, the other sees that he has 105. One player sees that he missed 3 tickets, the other sees that he only missed 1.

When you can't even agree on the score at the end of the game, multiplayer becomes a bit less fun. This is annoying.
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Re:Bug - Players see different scores at end of game Sat, 15 December 2012 21:49
We have the same problem.

I'll try to take screenshots next time but it's happened a couple times.

We also play over gamecenter.

I am on an iphone4. I usually play against people on the ipad (1st gen and 2nd gen)
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