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Best version for kids? Wed, 23 January 2013 15:33

what is the best version for kids? I'm talking about kids aged at 8+

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Re:Best version for kids? Wed, 23 January 2013 20:41
Don't underestimate children, I would expect an 8 year old to be able to play most TTR versions - if not all versions.

And in doing so it will increase there knowledge of geography. My son (and wife) have improved their geographical knowledge playing TTR.
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Re:Best version for kids? Wed, 23 January 2013 22:06
I would agree with Phread! Ticket to Ride is a simple enough concept that once a kid has learned it, he or she will be able to play almost any of the versions. I would suggest that you start with the USA map, though, because it is the most basic. Cool
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Re:Best version for kids? Sun, 27 January 2013 04:28
Agreed, children can do pretty much anything if you teach them right...

Switzerland is easy, but the easiest is definitely USA.
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Re:Best version for kids? Tue, 29 January 2013 20:49
I would agree that USA is the best to start with as it is the simplest and most straight-forward. It also has the advantage that you can upgrade to 1910 megagame for added complexity with same basic board considerations. Further, since you are an American (according to your profile), USA/Canada is probably the best starting-place for geography learning.
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