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Sapin d'Arnhem

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February 2007
Merci beaucoup! Tue, 29 January 2013 14:16
Thanks DOW guys for clearing the screen in the Online game.

Smile Smile Smile

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Brigadier General

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May 2003
Re:Merci beaucoup! Tue, 29 January 2013 14:34
Yes, thank you for responding and listening to the community, much appreciated.
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Historien accompli

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April 2011
Re:Merci beaucoup! Tue, 29 January 2013 20:41
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Baron du Rail

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December 2008
Re:Merci beaucoup! Tue, 29 January 2013 21:17
Thank you to DoW for fixing the ghost scenarios and ghost player issue. Thumbs Up Nod Thumbs Up Nod Thumbs Up

It is great to have the lobby uncluttered by phantom scenarios and players.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

(And thanks to anyone who brought these issues to DoW's attention.)
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Michael Wittmann

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Re:Merci beaucoup! Wed, 30 January 2013 11:50
Thank you DoW ! Very Happy
Dietrich von Kleist
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Victoire totale

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June 2005
Re:Merci beaucoup! Wed, 30 January 2013 19:50

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Victoire totale

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January 2013
Re:Merci beaucoup! Sat, 02 February 2013 21:04
Woohooo! Thank you sirs!
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