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More areas of use for the Victory Coins. (Interactions between players) Sun, 03 February 2013 21:25
During our last gaming session we discussed finding more areas of use for the Victory Coins - opening up another dimension in the game.

With the Tales and Legends and with a few of the Special Powers that comes with expansions they open up a bit more considering Victory Coin interactions between players.

Much alike the mercenary that is able to buy "extra tokens", though the they go in the money stash, my idea was based on beeing able to "buy the region".

To make it more realistic and involve some RPG to the rule it would simulate you paying you opponents troops to withdraw. Thus this would not kill them(or should it kill one as usual?), giving all tokens back to the player beeing attacked. Then the amount of victory coins you spend would then go to the player which troops you paid to leave.
- You must attack with at least one token, and you pay for those you lack.

I figure that an increasing pricing per unit would be suitable, though I'm not sure what pricing would be fitting?
Example 1: 1st: 2 VC, 2nd: 5 VC, 3rd: 10 VC. (Paying for all 3: 17 VC)
Example 2: 1st: 5 VC, 2nd: 10 VC, 3rd: 15 VC. (Paying for all 3: 30 VC)
Example 3: 1st: 1 VC, 2nd: 2 VC, 3rd: 3 VC. (Paying for all 3: 6 VC)
Example 4: 1 VC per token missing.

I figure a too high pricing would prevent people from using it, but a too low pricing wouldn't be balanced either. [ Edit]Giving it a second thought - One of your opponents Racial tokens probobly should go to the stash as usual to make the payment more desirable. [/Edit]

Opinions, and perhaps other ideas for interaction between players?

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