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Terrain Cards Limit Tue, 19 February 2013 00:21
Has anyone else found that the terrain cards become a struggle for dominance and are very quickly all taken? If not, perhaps it's just the type of gamers we are.

I've been reading through the rules searching for a limit on the number of terrain cards that you can have, but I don't believe there is one (am I wrong?).

If not, we've been talking about a house-rule limit, as once they're all taken it just becomes a matter of trading them around. As soon as they are discarded, they are face up and ready for the next person to play them.

Can anyone recommend a reasonable limit for 2, 3, 4, or 5 players?

Has anyone else experienced this? I have had this experience with every group I've played the game with. Perhaps I breed the behavior myself!

Thank you!
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Re:Terrain Cards Limit Wed, 20 February 2013 05:36
Well, there's no limit at all.

That said, Ticket to Ride, especially in multiplayers, is all about balance.

*)Number of tickets
*)Track points/Ticket points efficiency
*)Evaluation of your hand and the hand of opponent
*)Evaluation of the rounds you have left to play
*)Evaluation of the rounds you need to end as fast as possible and kill the plans of your slow opponents
*)Evaluation of your chance to find a ticket in the deck that you can complete considering the cards you have in hand/the number of turns you have left
*)Color management /loco management
*)Tracks likely to be claimed by your opponent/timing etc...

Picking too many terrain cards could be an issue on a long shot. Every time you pick 2 terrain cards, your opponent picks 2 color train, and is 1) more likely to take the big tracks and 2)is one turn closer towards the end of the game.

So if you pick the terrain cards, and you are not able to take many long tracks (who would worth taking the terrain cards), it could backfire pretty bad.

If you pick 20 terrain cards, you are 10 turns behind an opponent who is picking colors only. 10 turns during when your opponent can do something else(lay tracks/ go for ticket fiending/ picking other colors). 10 rounds during when he scores and you do not.

What's even more of a problem is that tickets are hard to complete on the Africa map and the right colors are super hard to find ! Taking too many terrain cards would lead a major fail against a good player !

Now, I'm not sure I directly addressed your issue, but this is my advice !

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Re:Terrain Cards Limit Wed, 20 February 2013 08:13
Having not played (but extensively researched) Heart of Africa, I'm going to side with BTB Sysyphus here.

No limit, except that you will definitely want to self impose one due to everything that was said. If your opponent is farming terrain cards though, by all means, keep up, but consider that it may be far more useful to claim routes and put them at a disadvantage, being not able to use said cards effectively.
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