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SFTF Maps & Grading/Reviewing Wed, 06 March 2013 10:53
Hi all,

I played a couple of SFTF maps yesterday & noticed some flaws in the games.
How do i let the original editor know about these?
Specifically; there were special forces unmarked in the game which should've been British Commandos & roads over hills didn't block line of sight, also units starting their turn on a road didn't get to move an extra hex.
If this has been posted before please excuse me, i love playing the game but am a tad computer-illiterate!
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Re:SFTF Maps & Grading/Reviewing Wed, 06 March 2013 13:58
Yes, telling scenario designers about problems with their scenarios is a good thing to do.

Send them a Private Message through the Memoir/DoW website.
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Re:SFTF Maps & Grading/Reviewing Wed, 06 March 2013 14:55
You can also find an extensive list of the features that aren't supported by the Online game. Just go to the Memoir '44 Online Wiki (http://m44sed.wikispaces.com/) and look around.

Anybody designing a scenario for Online play should check this wiki, because there are some work-arounds if people need! Cool
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