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Burdie Smith
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Breakthrough online Mon, 25 March 2013 20:51
I would love to have a breakthrough version of the online game. I'm even willing to pay (like they proposed themselves lately for smallworld) if they hesitate to make it. Are there others amongst you who would appreciate this or not?
I haven't got any idea if this would take a whole lot of new programming or not. It's never forbidden to dream and who knows one day... Surprised

Burdie Smith
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Re:Breakthrough online Tue, 26 March 2013 09:17
If they did a kickstarter action for Memoir 44 breakthrough, I would also participate.
I would really love to play breakthrough online. Especially if it would also be open to SFTF games.

Now about your remark on the programming: I am a programmer myself, and I can tell you this:
- Since this is a in-house developed program, they have the know-how of the current application, which reduces cost a bit.
- As far as I can tell, there are only two things to develop: the new board size and the breakthrough card deck.
- The new board size should be fairly easy, since it is just that: a new board size. It does not change anything to the game mechanics. What would require some attention maybe, is to adapt Johnny. In Breakthrough, it is often necessary to group your units that are spread out over the board, before going for the attack. Johnny might have to learn a few things on that subject: when to attack and when to use the orders to bring forward back row reinforcements.
- The card deck is something else. The "on the move" orders require quite some programming. You need to develop a way that the player can distinguish which units are fully ordered and which are ordered "on the move". You also need to develop the restriction that the "on the move" units can only move, and are not allowed to take other actions.
- Besides that, I think most of the official breakthrough scenarios require some other rule that does not exist online yet: winter weather, long tom, flak88, ... so developing the breakthrough format just to add 2 or 3 official scenarios might be considered a bad business case which would bring not enough profit or even a loss.

This is my tale on it. Maybe DoW has another look on it, because they have info that I don't have access to.
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Re:Breakthrough online Tue, 26 March 2013 09:44
Thanks for the 'programmers insight', Quit2! I have no idea what kind of work would be involved with adding this element to the game, but it would be cool to see Breakthrough added to the Online game!

Personally, I find Breakthrough battles to be one of my favorite formats because it allows for some extra movement and strategy. Even though the games are longer, I really enjoy them!! Cool

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