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April 2013
  Combining SW wit SWU Mon, 08 April 2013 02:32
When you play SW with SWU using the Tunnels expansion do you keep the race abilities from SW with the races from SW or can the cross over with races from SWU ?
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Re:Combining SW wit SWU Mon, 08 April 2013 07:10
I've played it several times with SW and SWU mixed and it works fine!

Though I think there's another drawing mechanics in the rulebook for the races, not certain. When we have played we mixed the special abilities and then had two piles for the races, one for SW and one for SWU. Then each time we take a new race we make sure we take every other from SW and then SWU, so there always will be SW and SWU to choose from.
(Not sure were I fund this mechanic but we liked it so we kept it.)
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