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AI using Heroic trait Wed, 17 April 2013 02:02
I have a complaint about the AI when it uses the heroic trait. During the redeploy action it redeploys all of its troops, forgetting about the heroic tokens. Then once it's redeployed it places one heroic token, of course on a stack of 2-3 race tokens, causing a 2nd redeploy, then places the second heroic token, again on a stack of multiple race tokens, causing a third deploy. Since there's no option to speed up the AI opponent this means an AI using heroic takes 3 times as long to redeploy.

In a future update could you change the AI to play both of the hero tokens first, and then redeploy?
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Re:AI using Heroic trait Wed, 17 April 2013 03:00
Related, I'd like to be able to move the Heroic and other immune tokens before finalizing redeployment. You may accidentally place it where you don't ultimately want it but get no opportunity to confirm/swap.
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