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SPWC seedings Thu, 02 May 2013 21:28
Conrad Turner wrote on Thu, 02 May 2013 02:36

Interesting that the seedings for EMC have worked out pretty well on the whole, but the SPWC seedings have been shot to pieces. Anyone out there got any thoughts on this ?

TuS WhiteTrain wrote on Thu, 02 May 2013 09:00

Top 20 on the EU-map are sepatated by 107 points. Thats the range for the top 60 US-players. Competition is is harder on the US map.
Seedings on the Swiss-map should work even better.

Well, like WT said, competition is more fierce on the US map. Anybody in the top 200 has nowadays several weapons to win...
There are several ways to design your ELO 2er USA : playing multis, playing 1300+ players, which have nothing to do with what SPWC requires : consistency against 1600+ players.

About EMC, like I said, 19 players out of 50 registered played 40 competitive games in league just before it.
6 players of Division A are part of the top 10 seeds (others seems fairly legit : Truckerteller, 335d, Marschall Vorwarts, RMarkes). Only belelule was underrated, seed 14, because of a bad streak.
So we had several games played between top players that balanced the ELO, quite the reflection of what EMC is.
Almost no multis between those players are played too, so ELO is mainly a 2er reflection.

About Swiss and Asia :
Asia is quite new, so first rounds should reward the most experienced. Here are both seeding including 2er ELO + map, and the one with map ELO only.

Asia is just new, a top 50 overall player with little experience is more likely to beat an experienced 1400+ in the first rounds.
I think it was needed to add the 2er ELO to it.

Regarding Swiss : there's no competitive games at all during the year, other than SMC. ELO is a reflection of who is the best at beating 1200+ players on a streak. Not what we exactly need for a seeding including 1600+ players.
2er ELO was therefore needed to balance it, I concede, still imperfectly...

How to make those seeding better ?

If we could have a specific 2er USA ELO, that would be slightly better. If someone has the skills to use Dow Database, and extract this particular ELO, you are more than welcome.
Or someone that can use the database and can modify the ELO formula, to make a specific one related to tourneys, let us know.

For Europe, I think we are good thanks to Fusion and Euroleague.
An exclusive Euro match in Fusion would help even more.

About Swiss and Asia. If we add a Swiss/Asia combo match in Fusion, that would offer more competitive games right before SMC and AMC.
With Qorlas, we are working on remodeling the All Around Tournament.

After the next AAT tourney, we plan to have 4 Leagues similar to what a Fusion clash could be : US, Euro, AAT and Swiss/Asia combo.

Each league would therefore offer possible training for Fusion Cup on their specific format.
Each league offers competitive games on the 4 championship maps.
Each league would promote all maps.
Leagues play-time will be shorter (2 months instead of 3) to fit in a realistic schedule.

The SPWC seeding would still be a question though.

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Khaaaan !

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Re:SPWC seedings Fri, 03 May 2013 20:54
Regarding EMC:

the highest thing you found in 1st round was Belelule vs me (Qorlas) (Division A and Division B),but that was due to Belelule underrated.
Dalek Caan
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Re:SPWC seedings Sun, 05 May 2013 12:01
Just spotted this new thread.

Thanks Sysy.

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