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Some questions regarding tunnels Sun, 02 June 2013 23:42
So picked up realms last night. Decided to play with the tunnels instead so we downloaded the pdf and fired up a game. Then we ran into a few questions.

1)Can powers like flying or halflings start on either board? The rules say the SW races start above ground and SWU races start below ground. The powers for flying and halflings let them start anywhere on the board, so which takes precedence?

2)The rules say to treat all the expansion races as SW races. This makes the ratio of SW to SWU races a little lopsided. I thought of classifying the expansion races as counting for either SW or SWU at the owners choice, giving some flexibility in starting conquest. It would also solve a problem we had. We draw races out of a bag and had to keep redrawing to get the alternating SW/SWU pattern. If done this way I was gonna say the expansion race has to reenter the same board every time if they abandon all territories. Does this sound good to you?

3)SWU states that certain terrain types are the same between the games. Does that still apply in tunnels? Can Shrooms score bonus coins for holding forests on the SW map, or only on mushroom forests on the SWU map?

4)Similar question for races. For instance, do the spiderines still get the underground power while on the SW map, or should it just be the original race power? I'm fairly confident the answer to this one should be to just keep the original powers only, I just like getting some confirmation.

I think these questions have been asked before, but I never saw a solid consensus or official answer.
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