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[BUG] Android - name entry Sat, 06 July 2013 12:25
On my tablet (Note 10.1 running Samsung version of 4.1), several small but annoying glitches... and these are recurrent...

  1. cannot see the high score name entry field because of the on-screen keyboard
  2. if the keyboard is closed manually, it cannot be reacquired by tapping the name field.
  3. if the keyboard is closed manually, a black area covers the lower 1/4 or so of the screen. this is persistent
  4. Swiss map pays tunnels from engines even when sufficient color cards are available, and even said "Pay 1 yellow?" then took the engine instead of the 1 yellow. I've had this happen with yellow on both tablet and Mac-Steam.
  5. it's hard to place stations in the Europe Map.
  6. Keeps unlogging out of my DOW account.

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