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Dolphin 101
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April 2013
  Deleting all records and restarting Sun, 07 July 2013 10:53
I'm wondering if it's possible to delete all the stats for TTR, and restart from scratch? Now that I've learned the game, I'd like to start from zero; at present my score/rank is just under 1000 and I think I can do better now.
Or can I only delete the game and all its data, and then restore it?
Mr Bean
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Re:Deleting all records and restarting Mon, 05 August 2013 21:57
I don't know if what you ask is possible. I suspect not because then you could always start from scratch if you don't like your score Cool
Anyway, there is no real need. If indeed you understand the game a lot better, you will win more often and your score will improve with that. After some time you will arrive at a score which fairly accurately shows where you should be!
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